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Treating Obesity With Orthomolecular Medicine

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Treating and curing obesity and weight problems with common amino acids is the basis of orthomolecular medicine. Large doses of naturally occurring proteins called amino acids can repair the imbalance in the brain and make it malfunction. These amino acids are affordable and used in therapeutic doses that are much greater than amounts typically found in foods. The concept of orthomolecular medicine is based on the use of very high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids or botanical extracts to repair cells and increase normal brain activity. Amino acids are also key to supporting increases in muscle mass, which is needed to keep metabolism high when weight loss occurs. Losing weight without gaining muscle mass and exercise leads to a decreased metabolic rate and the body adapts to the low daily calorie needs as weight loss is achieved without intervention.

Often there is a problem with the body that prevents it from losing weight easily. These problems include thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, impaired heart function, neurotransmitter disorders, chronic viral infections leading to lack of energy and fatigue, chromosomal problems in people with developmental disabilities, fatty liver disease, impaired spleen function and digestive tract that is significantly longer than normal, problems with fat digestion. Fatty liver is a very big problem with weight loss. This may be partly due to a high-fat diet and high levels of heavy metals or pesticides. Detoxing toxins is a great idea along with herbs to support good liver function. Heavy metals or pesticides must be removed with far-infrared saunas or hot yoga and oral chelators such as coriander, organic wheatgrass, or chorella. Milk thistle is a very good herb for liver support. Fat cells store toxins, and a fatty liver has additional toxins that interfere with cellular metabolism and the normal release of fat for energy. Other herbs that are very good for improved liver function are Gynostemma pentaphyllum and hawthorn berries. These can be taken in capsule form or as a tea. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and CLA are very good for reducing liver fat that is not related to alcoholism.

Amino acid therapy is very good for weight loss and it works. These weight loss effects include reducing appetite, altering glucose regulation, optimizing how the cell metabolizes energy, and accelerating the release of fat during energy production. 5-HTP, carnitine, orthonine, phenylalanine, theanine, and arginine are amino acids that are effective in weight loss. These amino acids should be used in therapeutic doses for several months. You should be able to see within seven to twelve days whether the therapy is successful.

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