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What Does A Natural Health Consultant Do?

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I am a Certified Natural Health Counselor, providing information and education to people seeking natural forms of healing and treatment. Most health consultants have a broad understanding of a variety of alternative health disciplines and can recommend a particular approach to alternative healing to a client. Approaches may include diet, homeopathy, or herbal remedies. I try to combine all three if possible.

As a naturopathic consultant, I discuss and evaluate health problems or symptoms with clients. These reviews involve educating individuals about various methods of alternative health and recommending specific methods that will benefit a client. Sometimes I need to refer individuals to licensed physicians or other healthcare providers as this is beyond the scope of my training.

You must be knowledgeable about alternative health disciplines including herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrition. The naturopathic consultant is not necessarily an expert or practitioner in any of these areas. Remember we are not here to diagnose diseases.

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However, the counselor’s extensive knowledge of the capabilities of all these areas enables him to explain alternative health options to people, advise them on what discipline might be an appropriate place to start, and assist them in being referred to those who need the treatments needed able to offer.

He or she may also be familiar with additional areas of study, such as acupuncture, reflexology, aromatherapy, or massage therapy, although a naturopathic consultant may not be trained to perform these procedures.


The training varies depending on the area of ​​interest. There are currently no set licensing requirements, but certification through attending courses and seminars is a way of adding more validity to a career. I received my certificate through a home study course at the Strafford Institute. There are also colleges that offer courses as well as other home study programs.


There are many opportunities for a career in natural medicine. However, most consultants have their own practice. That way you can set your own prices and schedules, not to mention you’re the boss.

What I did with my certificate is two things. I created an alternative health website and was able to bring my passion and knowledge to a wider audience. Second, I have started my own practice to meet with individuals in person, which is far more rewarding. I can actually see the results when I help someone else.

So if you have a passion for alternative health, I strongly encourage you to consider training as a Natural Health Advisor. It will be an extremely eye-opening and rewarding experience.

Thanks to Diana Ketchen

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