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Tips of Creating a Home Wellness Space

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Overall, we invest more energy at home than expected. Our old routines have really turned upside down. Many of the stable and predictable routines that have helped us work and meet life’s challenges have changed. This can be a harrowing, not-so-pleasant experience.

In this upside down world, you need to take the time to develop some new life routines that will benefit your body and soul. The first of these new habits should be daily self-care. Getting there requires creating a home for meditation and physical exercise.

Health begins with making a space in your life for meditation, healthy eating, and exercise. What you’re trying to do is what professionals intentionally call repetitive behavior. These work best when there are physical triggers in your home. This is where creating a truly dedicated space comes into play. By creating a feel-good space at home, you set a mental signal that prepares you for intentional repetition of behaviors (good habits). It helps you trigger the habit you want subconsciously without much thought or effort on your part. When you see this room, you will be prompted to reward yourself every day.

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1. Make a plan

So much of what we do is driven by creating a mental list of personal goals. Planning is good, but this can occasionally be a huge stress point in your life. Our well-being practices can help reduce this type of stress. So, creating a space in your home for the sole purpose of self-sufficiency can help reduce stress while also helping you achieve your personal goals and goals. When setting up this new space, be mindful of how you want your personal care space to feel. Use this feeling as a guide to develop your comfort zone.

2. Choose the right spot

Start by writing down the reason for your comfort zone. Do you want to develop a daily yoga practice? Or, in turn, do you need a quiet, peaceful time to meditate? Perhaps journaling or listening to a motivational podcast is healthy practice for you. Or you might want the room set up for crafting.

Whatever the motivation behind your health space, let your needs be the creative fuel for your new health space. Find the space that is generally suitable for your wellness activity. Yogis need space for a yoga mat and meditators can use meditation cushions. Crafting requires tables, storage, and equipment. Check out the best available space that works for you. Try to use the space when you are free from interruptions to maximize your time for healthy well-being. And it doesn’t have to be in a bedroom of your house. It can be on a patio, in the garage, in a shed, or in the basement. Perhaps an outdoor space for yoga is just what you need.

3. Remove your distractions

The reason for creating a comfort space is to have a place where you can be alone for some time. This space is the signal that you are connecting to your feel-good action and allowing you to turn it into a lasting habit. That’s why it’s critical for you to eliminate interruptions. Clearing your thoughts is not possible when you are surrounded by distractions. Remove any interruptions that divert your attention. Your comfort zone is a place where you can focus on the task at hand (yoga, meditation, etc.). She cannot be interrupted by being drawn into other tasks. This room should be a task-free zone. Free your new healthy space from workstations, mobile phones and TVs.

4. Add some nature

Indoor health spaces need some housewares that incorporate nature, like plants or flowing water fountains. It would be great if there was a window to the outside if facing plants, trees or water. A nature scene like posters or paintings of nature scenes can really enhance your space.

5. Lighting

Of course, the best lighting is natural sunlight. But if you don’t have a window, soft mood lighting can work great. Find a small lamp with natural soft bulbs. There are evening lighting systems that mimic natural sunlight.

6. Activate your senses

While your new space of your own is perfect for triggering your healthy habits, you can amplify this further by activating your senses. Using an air filtration system for fresh air or adding frankincense oils can provide healing benefits. Background noise from playing nature sounds on a stereo such as wildlife, rain, running water or waves crashing on a beach can be very soothing. And enjoying a cup of herbal tea can also be a good trigger for well-being in your healthy space.

Self-care is really important in your life. Once you have your wellness area in place, you can build on healthier habits. While each of our new health projects will be unique, our dedicated time and space will be a powerful start on our journey to healthier mental and physical well-being.

Thanks to Mark Leb

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