The Definitive Guide to Healthy Eating in Real Life For Couples

The Definitive Guide to Healthy Eating in Real Life For Couples

The fact is that food is one of the most important things in our lives. Now, everyone would say that it is perfectly logical because we get energy from food.   That is undeniable! But food, today, is much more than a simple fuel.  Eating makes us happy and relaxed, connects us with friends and family, etc.   Nonetheless, it can also cause conflicts in a relationship regardless of whether you just met on the online dating sites or have been together for quite some time now.

How’s that possible?  In recent decades, as we get more information about the links between proper eating and health, many of us are trying to eat as healthy as possible. But the thing is that this is not simple even when you have to think about your diet, let alone when you are in a relationship. Firstly, maybe you and your partner have a different perception of healthy eating!  Maybe you insist on eating healthy while your partner doesn’t think that is important.

Here is the thing. You don’t have to argue about food.  Healthy eating is more about balance than anything else. And believe it or not, it is perfectly possible to find that balance together. And in this article, we are going to share some tips that will help both of you understand how to eat healthy as a couple even if your views aren’t the same.

Healthy Eating for Couples

Think About Gender, Weight, and Body Composition Differences

The first thing you need to establish is that healthy eating is important for both of you and what it means.  Then, you have thought about the differences between you. What does it mean? Well if you are in a same-sex relationship, and you have the same level of activity, then you probably need a similar amount of calories per day and things are easier.  But if you are in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex then things are different. For example, women need about  2000 calories per day, while men need about 2500. Also if your partner is more physically active, he or she will need more food, etc.  It is something that needs to be considered when planning meals.

Keep in Mind Different Food Preferences

The fact is that not everyone enjoys the same kind of food! Also, we don’t have to agree on a healthy eating style!  Of course, we want to enjoy meals with our partners. But it doesn’t mean that we necessarily have to eat the same thing. Your partner read about how healthy eating improves mental health and wants to switch to veganism, as she or he sees it as the healthiest diet. However, do you want to have some turkey or chicken occasionally?  That is okay! You can prepare separate healthy meals and still enjoy eating together.

Talk About the Cost of Healthy Eating

As we are living in a financially challenging period, this can be tricky! Many people run away from the conversation about healthy eating because they think it will cost too much.  But is healthy eating expensive?   The best answer is that it depends on you, and you need to talk it through with your partner.  Research conducted in 2013, showed that you will daily spend $1.50 more if you want to eat super healthily. Of course, for a family of four, this can mean spending $2200 per year more than you would spend if you don’t switch. But still, spending $1.50 more per day is not a lot, you have to admit. Plus, if you find the time to plan and prepare meals, it can be even cheaper.

Food and Mental Health

We said earlier that we are living in a financially challenging period. But the truth is that these times are hard in general and that we are living under a lot of stress which can lead to depression and anxiety.  It is important to talk with your partner about how healthy eating can help depression and other mental issues. Once you reach an understanding of that, it will be easier to plan healthy meals as a couple.  However, it is important to understand that the idea of healthy eating must not become an obsession because there are moments when healthy eating becomes unhealthy.

In Conclusion

We all know how important it is to develop healthy eating habits, right? However, we also know that this world is full of challenges. One of them is resisting all the delicious but not perfectly healthy foods around us. That is hard even when you are single, let alone when you are in a relationship since both, food and love are related to pleasure. But as you could see, there are ways to overcome the obstacles and eat healthily.  So, how are you managing your nutritional needs with your partner? Let us know in the comments!

Miranda is an experienced relationship writer. Miranda enjoys studying relationship counseling, education, and development that focuses on improving communication. Miranda is passionate about cooking and yoga.


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