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Alkaline pH Diet – Understanding the Body’s pH Balance

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The alkaline pH diet promotes proper eating habits, natural foods, combined with a clean and active lifestyle. The secret to maintaining good health really is maintaining our body’s pH balance. To understand this more clearly, let’s first define the importance of a balanced body pH.

Potential of Hydrogen – What is pH Balance?

Scientific studies show that our cells need oxygen to survive. Cells need oxygen to generate energy. When there isn’t enough oxygen available, our cells try to compensate by fermenting blood sugar to create energy. However, this type of energy production can upset the body’s pH balance.

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When blood sugar is broken down, it turns into lactic acid. The more lactic acid that remains in our cells, the more acidic our body becomes. Therefore, instead of the normal pH, more acid is retained which can damage our cells, tissues, organs and eventually our body systems.

In connection with medical studies, doctors have found that cancer cells cannot survive in a balanced acid-base environment. On the contrary, cancer cells thrive in environments that are low in oxygen and higher in acidity.

When our pH is at just the right level, our cells can work to their full potential, making our bodies stronger and more resistant to disease. Because of this, people are encouraged to become aware of their body’s alkalinity and acidity levels.

Eat right to maintain proper pH balance

Of course, what we put into our bodies makes all the difference to maintaining a balanced pH level. Nature provides us with everything we need, but it is up to us to choose the right foods. Some foods are naturally more alkaline than others, and some are more acidic as well. Distinguishing between alkalinity and acidity in foods is therefore a crucial step in achieving good health.

This is what the alkaline pH diet is all about. Developed and introduced by Anthony Robbins, a famous health guru and author of best-selling self-help wellness books, the Acid-Base Program is designed to help people live better lives and avoid disease. Today, more and more people are discovering why this new method of dieting is safer and more effective.

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