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Female Herbs For Sexual Health – Dong Quai – A Herb For Better Sexual Health and Wellness

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Considered the ultimate female herb for sexual health and general well-being, dong quai has been ingested for thousands of years. Here we will look at the numerous benefits that the herb offers…

nutritional components

The herb contains a range of nutrients and has high concentrations of vitamins A, B3, B12, B complex, C, E as well as the following minerals – calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, silicon, tannins and resin.

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For optimal sexual well-being, a woman must have correct hormonal balance and strong blood flow to the genital region. Mental stress, fatigue and anxiety can all decrease sexual desire.

In recent years, the importance of estrogen to female sex drive has been proven. Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of desire, arousal and issues that can make intercourse painful and levels need to be balanced.

Here are the key benefits offered by Dong Quai:

A blood tonic

The herb is often misdiagnosed as a blood tonic. It strengthens, stimulates and harmonizes the blood, helping it flow to all extremities of the body. Some symptoms that can be associated with blood deficiency are: menstrual irregularities, abdominal pain or discomfort, sallow skin, tinnitus, blurred vision and palpitations. Strong, healthy blood flow is a key to increased libido.

When we get aroused, our heart beats faster and blood needs to be pumped to the genitals, and dong quai helps with that.

Fighting PMS and menopause

The herb contains zinc and calcium, which are often lacking in women with PMS. It also helps regulate hormonal balance. The herb helps reduce the symptoms of menopause and PMS, helps with menstrual cramps. It also balances estrogen activity in the body.

In summary, it acts as a general tonic for the entire female reproductive system.

The liver

The herb works to remove toxins from the liver and promote healthy functioning within the organ.

The muscles

Dong Quai has properties that help restore and relax muscles and joints. It’s anti-rheumatic. It can penetrate the tissues to reduce inflammation, remove toxins, relieve pain and also stimulate blood flow to prevent pressure in the area from causing discomfort.

nervous tension

The phytonutrients magnesium, B12 and vitamin E help regulate the nervous system and relieve pressure on it. It is effective against anxiety and stress and relaxes the body

body resistance

Dong Quai is known to fight bacterial infections. It contains the trace element selenium and contains the natural antioxidant vitamin E, which improves selenium absorption and both help the immune system fight infection and disease.


The herb relieves bloating, fights stomach cramps and soothes the entire digestive tract.

Combine dong quai with other herbs

There is no one herb that will cure all ailments and while dong quai is a fantastic herb in terms of its effects on sex drive, it works even better when combined with some other herbs such as:

Horny goat weed

This herb plays a key role in increasing testosterone and nitric oxide levels. While testosterone is considered a male hormone, it’s also important for women, and the dips in sex drive are small. This herb rounds it out naturally. Nitric Oxide allows the muscles of the genitals to relax and hold more blood, which is a key to a satisfying orgasm. Finally, the herb helps fight stress and boost energy and mood.


Damiana produces a feeling of sexual anticipation and mild euphoria that relaxes the body, reducing stress and anxiety. The herb also relieves depression, elevates mood, balances female hormone levels, and controls hot flashes.

Get ALL in the best herbal sex pills

Dong Quai is found in the best herbal sex pills and when combined with other herbs you have a powerful boost in wellness and sexual health at the same time to get more out of sex and more out of life.

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