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Homeopathy As Alternative Medicine – Holistic Approach to Treatment

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Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine that was created and developed by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, towards the end of the 18th century. It is a science of recognizing the wholeness of a person, not just the ailments or problems, but the mind, body, spirit, soul and psychology of an afflicted person when an illness is present. Science does not alienate the disease from the person; Rather, the focus is on the development, course, effects and effects of the disease on the individual. Homeopathic medicines, or “remedies,” which are very different from allopathic or over-the-counter medicines, stimulate the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms to initiate the healing process.

This philosophy believes that when a person is afflicted with an illness, it not only affects their physical body, but their entirety, ie the whole person is ill: body, mind and soul. The body shows symptoms of disease, but is not the origin of the disease. The origin of disease usually lies in an imbalance of forces within an individual. The symptoms expressed by the body, mind and spirit are the manifestation of this imbalance. When a homeopathic remedy appropriate to the symptoms of the disease is provided, the balance of vital forces is maintained. As healing begins, symptoms begin to disappear.

Homeopathy was formed on the powerful and central blocks of principles that form its founding platform. These principles have proven substance and have been used in the treatment of diseases of most species for over 200 years.

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The first principle of homeopathy is like cures like – homeo means similar and pathos means suffering, this is the code by which the theory was named. It states that a substance that can produce disease in a healthy person can be used to produce a healing response in someone with a similar disease. Everyone shows symptoms of illness in the form of changes in the body/mind/spirit. Some of these symptoms are common to that particular disease, others may be characteristics of that person. A homeopathic practitioner would match the symptoms of the remedy with the symptoms of the person, with particular attention to those symptoms that are unique to the person.

The second principle of homeopathy is The Single Remedy – according to which only one homeopathic remedy should be administered at a time. It saves one from having to consider the simultaneous effects of multiple drugs. Not only that, it also allows to establish the full effect of the given drug. It guards against the unpredictability and ambiguity of alternative medicine practices and remedies.

The third principle of homeopathy is the minimum dose – The principle that only “the minimum dose” should be used is based on the understanding that the stimulus of the minimum single dose of the drug triggers the intrinsic healing response. According to this principle, we only give enough medicine to initiate this healing response. This response then continues, fueled by the body’s need to maintain health and balance.

The Fourth Principle of Homeopathy is the Potentiated Remedy – The dilution process that converts any natural substance into a homeopathic remedy is called potentization. The concept of potentiation is the process by which natural substances become both harmless and more effective as medicines. The process converts a substance from the material state to the energetic state.

Homeopathic remedies have been known for their effectiveness for more than centuries. Today, it has received its fair share of criticism and praise, and is considered a popular and effective treatment. People who have not had success with allopathic or other forms of drugs have invested their faith in them. Placebo or not, this form of alternative medicine has managed to make its mark with more than a million success stories around the world.

Thanks to Aditya Kumar Tripathi

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