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Is White Tongue and Lump in the Throat Part of Candida Symptoms? – Ketosis From A Low Carb Diet

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My friend wants to know if white tongue and lump in throat is candida symptom. She has a white coating on my tongue because she has that and it gives her bad breath. She also thinks she has a lump in her throat. She wonders if this is related to candida or acid reflux or both.

Most of us who suffer from candida have that white tongue that it has, but it’s not candidiasis, it’s caused by other yeasts. I believe that yeast syndrome is one of the worst diseases because you don’t know what you have.

The white coating on your tongue itself is a sign of cleansing and/or ketosis. I read somewhere that if you stop eating carbs/sugar and just eat the protein and fat, it happens and is normal. Try scratching your tongue and drinking more water. The coating will become clearer as your body gets cleaner. This really makes sense because it happens to me when I cut carbs.

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Bad breath means toxic colon. I too have had a lumpy sore throat for years. It went away after I did the program from Candida Wellness Center for a year and a half but still had vaginal yeast so I can’t really recommend it. I feel like I get a lump in my throat when I go on a low carb diet. It happens all the time.

Ketosis, which causes you to have a white tongue, is not healthy as it means you can burn too much fat too quickly and put a strain on your kidneys. You might want to up your carbs a bit by eating more veggies.

Thanks to Angie Lindsey

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