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Radionic Treatments Cures Diabetes

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Diabetes is a digestive problem.

Logically, once diabetes becomes a genetic problem, it will take a generation or two to remove it from that bloodline. However, a large part of the problem is a modern one. Modern lifestyle has had a major impact on our overall health. Our approach to nutrition and digestion is shocking. We put whatever we like into our body and expect it to work well. Bringing about improvement in indigestion is both a psychological and a dietary issue. In fact, when the psychology is sound, healing is inevitable.

Modern lifestyle.

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Diabetes is a complex problem. Biochemically, it is a general breakdown of the digestive processes and specifically the pancreas, which houses the islets of Langerhans. Both aspects must be addressed if the problem is to be eradicated from the body.

General digestive problems.

The holistic approach is the best that includes; Locating weaknesses, adjusting food combinations, lifestyle choices, hereditary genetics, blood type, daily routines, body image, the psychology of eating disorders, removing unhealthy ingredients and chemicals, getting the right advice, having a supportive physician, using available supplements and alternative therapies, etc etc.

Islands of Langerhans.

In diabetes, these tiny glands stop producing. Radionics can “restimulate” the production of these glands. However, it has been determined that this may not be the “real breakdown” in the digestive system. Observing and understanding the behavior of “blood sugar” gives a clue to the problem. When the “blood sugar” levels start to fluctuate, the islets are functioning but can’t cope with the POOR DIGESTION. Instead of focusing on the real problem, A DIGESTIVE DISORDER, the focus will be on the obvious. However, the obvious isn’t so obvious here. Diabetes is a general breakdown of the digestive system and our eating habits are to blame. As simple as that.!

Relevant points to consider.

digestive habits.

Diet is the key to solving this problem!. While the weak link is insulin production, the real problem starts with food. Change your diet and eating habits and you can make dramatic progress. We should hear that everywhere.

Physiological Approaches

Eating habits border on “disorders” in Western cultures and are now emerging in developing countries as well. We have a huge wave of health problems coming through our children if we don’t educate and change mindsets NOW. Nutrition education needs to start seriously in every school and class, from children to the elderly. It costs money to be sick!. Who could show leadership here?.

Lifestyle Changes.

“Fast food” has become “cool”. What a shame. If it were “cool” to feast on olive leaves, maybe many of our health problems would disappear in a generation! We need to “counterculture” this food image through clever strategies.

alternative doctors.

The medical professionals really need to come on board here to educate and advance the “healthy way” as the “start and end” of these issues. Your office walls should be covered with health-related posters like “eat apples” and endorsements from drug companies need to be removed.


Recovery used to be a post-war initiative. When our “nerves are at the end” we rest and recover. However, our motor nervous systems adapt faster than other parts of our body systems. Our brain is a huge “nervous system”. So the modern influence is on the Mental Chemical Balance Effect in the brain and the rise of mental problems. A tragic recent development is that police are being encouraged to use Tazers on people with mental disorders.

Diabetes is a national problem.

Food is “doubly affected”. First, because it’s an easy target for manufacturers, and second, misinformation only confuses consumers so they keep buying the wrong stuff. This is both a government problem and one; Medical, cultural and mental. A clear coherent approach to this issue needs to be presented by all as we are ALL affected in one way or another.

Thanks to Patrick Sibraa

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