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Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

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As the problem with medications escalates and gains publicity, people are looking for natural alternatives to antibiotics and other health care solutions. Antibiotics have enjoyed good bang for the buck and have often been heralded as a super drug. They certainly made an impact on the world, but was it a positive one?

Antibiotics are usually prescribed for any problem. It’s rare for someone to walk away from a doctor’s appointment without a prescription for antibiotics. Even if the problem is unknown. Even if it is known that they will remain ineffective, such as with a virus. And farm animals or livestock are constantly fed with antibiotics.

I will not deny that there may be times when antibiotics are needed. But this massive overuse is not good for people, animals and our planet.

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First, let’s look at the claimed need for antibiotics. When you succumb to a bacterial infection, your body produces more bacteria than is healthy. This does not mean that the bacteria are to blame. It means your body is responding in the only way it can at the time.

It may be seen as unhealthy but in reality it can do you a service.

When your body can’t fight off the spread of pathogens like bacteria, it means your immune system is weak. This can be due to a poor diet, poor living conditions, unresolved and persistent emotions (such as dissatisfaction, fear, anger), lack of sleep, stress at work, or a number of such unhealthy areas.

It’s a wake up call. What are you doing that harms you? Change it!

Bacteria are important to your survival. One cannot live without them. If you take antibiotics even once, they weaken your immunity and cause problems for the future. Gut problems are usually the first to appear, as a healthy gut can only function in a balanced bacterial environment, which is severely disrupted by antibiotics.

So bacteria are good. But bacterial overgrowth is not so good.

In your search for natural alternatives to antibiotics, reconsider the need for a way to kill bacteria and instead consider the need to keep your body’s immune system working efficiently enough to prevent bacteria from multiplying. Work to ensure you have a healthy immune system.

In addition to taking responsibility for your health, by treating the areas already mentioned, it is possible to strengthen your immune system by treating all your ailments with homeopathy.

Homeopathic treatment does not attempt to kill any pathogens. It’s not at war with your body. Instead, it fully respects the efforts your body may be making, even if it struggles at times. Homeopathic treatment honors your body as a whole. Your bacterial lung infection is connected to every other part of you, so why treat it any differently? You are the problem, not the bacteria.

Homeopathy is probably the safest and most effective natural alternative to antibiotics. It is far superior to antibiotics as it treats the cause of the problem, rather just the effect. It doesn’t harm you. It is not tested on animals. It doesn’t harm the environment. Each successful treatment increases your immunity by another level.

Thanks to Madeleine Innocent

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