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Pizza Hut Review

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Pizza Hut is something of a staple for me and my family. They have now been in operation for over 50 years and I have been a patron for 30 years. Forget Rusk Teething Toast, I cut my teeth on Pizza Hut pizza crust. For about 10 years, Friday nights at my house were a Pizza Hut night with a big pepperoni and extra cheese crust.

For a while, I’ll admit it – I lost my way. My body’s needs changed and I desired a lighter, thinner crust. For those times, another famous pizza chain fitted the bill. For a long time I cleaned up my eating habits and viewed pizza as the enemy and accordingly stayed away. However, since getting married, I have been drawn back to a husband who is as married to Pizza Hut Pizza as I was once.

Pizza Hut is probably best known for its pan pizzas – so named because they’re baked in a deep pan. Its crust is thick, golden brown, crunchy, and coated in a light layer of oil that, while perhaps not the best cholesterol-healthy choice, is irresistible in its crunchy texture.

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Recently, I’ve rekindled a love affair I once had with the salad bar available at most full-service Pizza Hut restaurants. I’ve always been a healthy consumer of veggies thanks to constant offerings at the dinner table growing up, but in recent years as I discovered all the health benefits of eating fresh foods sourced from nature I became a bit obsessed and now I’m craving it very much like vegetables, as I sometimes crave chocolate.

Now one of my favorite things to do with my husband is have dinner at our local Pizza Hut. It fills up with pizza and stick bread. I eat lettuce, carrots, broccoli, peppers, cheese and a drizzle of dressing. Then I enjoy a slice or two of pepperoni pizza. It’s how I get the best of everything—fresh veggies that are good for my health, a cheesy pizza that’s irresistible, and a completely satisfied tummy.

Pizza Hut’s recent transformation has been a highly acclaimed pasta offering. Am I crazy, or does anyone remember that Pizza Hut has always had spaghetti and ziti on the menu? OK, I understand – they offer NEW pasta and want to make sure we know about it. point taken.

New pasta offerings include a rotini in marinade meat sauce, a chicken alfredo, and a mac and cheese with bacon.

They’re all delicious in my humble opinion, although I have to say that the alfredo chicken is probably my favorite with its smooth, subtle cheese flavor. The meaty marinade has a slightly spicy kick that stimulates the taste buds, and the mac and cheese is creamy with a rich mouthfeel.

All pasta is baked and comes with a beautiful crust of golden baked cheese delicacies.

Upon delivery, an aluminum can in a cardboard box will keep them warm and tasty until they reach your door. If you regularly consume take-out food, having pasta delivered to your door is a great alternative to pizza delivery.

Pizza Hut has come a long way from the dark wood paneling of 20 years ago. They’re rebranding themselves to meet the demands of a new generation, and if they continue to make great pizza, fresh salad, and superb pasta, I promise future generations of my family will have a chance to enjoy one delight with nice, thick pizza crust (and maybe a piece of broccoli for a balanced nose).

Thanks to Sara Melone

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