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Pranayama – A Natural Remedy For Anxiety

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There are very few faces you see on earth that carry a sense of natural balance and harmony. Most of the faces one encounters are sullen or dejected, and pity spreads in the hearts of passers-by. What is wrong? The answer is very clear: fear. One’s creativity, cheerfulness and eagerness to live happily ever after are clouded in moments when a person finds himself locked in this Pandora’s box. Fear kills every little pleasure one can appreciate, leaving the body, mind, and soul in a degraded state. The yogic technique of pranayama offers a natural remedy to keep fear at bay.

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning the inflow and outflow of prana. It is indeed a very useful natural remedy to help people suffering from anxiety. Prana means the life force by whose flow we live. Pranayama balances the flow of prana in the body, restoring total balance and harmony and rejuvenating every tissue and cell in the body. It is a series of breathing techniques that help achieve complete balance. There are different types of pranyamas namely Ujjayi, Anulom-Vilom, Kapal Bhati, Bhastrika, Soorya Bhedi, Bhramari; and then there are several methods like jalandhar bandh, mool bandh, uddiyan bandh to keep prana in specific parts of the body to bring harmony into the body and radiate it to the mind and spirit.

Pranayama is one of the most powerful yoga techniques that people appreciate for its effectiveness. Several people have made it a point to incorporate pranayama into their regular schedule to recharge their body batteries. It is indeed an energy renewal activity. It requires no tools and has absolutely nothing to do with drugs that increase the level of toxins in the body instead of curing the disease. The pranayamas provide natural anxiety relief by replenishing the vital energy in every little cell of the body and making you shine like a wondrous star.

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One can easily do a few pranayama cycles every day while sitting in a comfortable, straight-backed posture. Close your eyes and begin. This is also a great meditative practice that leaves no room for fear and can therefore be called a natural remedy for anxiety. However, it is recommended that one must learn the correct balance of inhalation and exhalation in the presence of a well-trained yoga teacher in order to avoid damaging the lung tissues due to wrong style of pranayama.

At least five sets of different types of pranayama each day can charge you with the potential to keep several physical ailments away and of course you now have a natural remedy for anxiety under your control. Soothing snippets of music can be played in the background to combine the healing effects of music therapy with pranayama.

There are several methods for relieving anxiety naturally, and among them pranayama holds a special place because the great sages of India used it in the distant past and the method still helps many troubled souls. Come on, try pranayama sincerely and send the fear away forever!

Thanks to David Jamieson

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