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Healthy Chicken Tender Recipe | Wellness mom

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Chicken tenders (or fingers, you choose) are a favorite with kids (and adults), at least in our home. As with all of our favorite foods, I have found healthier alternatives to the traditional versions as we eat more healthily.

Can Chicken Tenders Be a Healthy Food?

The first step in making fried chicken healthier is to use healthier chicken. In this post, I’ve written at length about the importance of choosing great sources of protein. The main thing is, if the animals you eat are healthy, then your food will be healthier too. Chicken is an important source of B vitamins, minerals, and iron. Since I don’t have a large local source, I usually order mine from Wellness Meats or Butcher Box.

The second step is to use healthier breading ingredients. Since our family typically eschews most grain products, I use flavored almond flour to coat the chicken for those chicken fingers. It gives the chicken a nice nutty flavor without sacrificing the crispness that is essential for fried chicken.

The third step is to use a healthy source of fat for frying. I prefer not to use peanut oil or canola oil, so I usually use tallow (rendered beef fat) or coconut oil. Both contain healthy fats and have a high smoke point, which makes them great for frying.

All ways to enjoy homemade chicken tenders

Most obviously, chicken fingers are meant to be dipped in a delicious sauce and eaten just like that. My family’s favorite dipping sauce is homemade honey mustard. But since I make a lot of my own spices, we tried a lot of different combinations and enjoyed all of them. Attempt:

You really can’t go wrong!

The other excellent way to enjoy chicken tender is shredded and tossed on a salad. Using them in a salad allows me to combine the vegetables and protein in one dish so I don’t have to worry about cooking separate sides.

I specially designed my spring salad with berries to be topped with homemade chicken strips and drizzled with honey mustard dressing. It’s pretty tasty.

If your family loves traditional chicken fingers, try this healthier version! I promise it’s simple and tasty and you won’t be disappointed.

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Healthy Chicken Tender Recipe

Delicious chicken fingers made from healthy almond flour for a grain-free, gluten-free and healthy meal that children and adults alike love.


  • Turn the oven warm and place a baking sheet in it.

  • Cut the chicken into strips or nuggets.

  • In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs and water together.

  • Add the chicken strips, mix well and set aside.

  • Mix the almond flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper in another bowl.

  • Heat sebum or coconut oil in a large pan over medium heat.

  • As soon as the oil is hot, remove the chicken from the egg mixture and roll it in the almond flour mixture.

  • Put the chicken in the pan with heated oil in a single layer.

  • Cook for 3-4 minutes per side or until golden brown and cooked through.

  • Remove from pan and place on warm baking sheet in the oven while other batches cook.

  • Keep cooking the chicken until everything is done.

  • As soon as everything is cooked, sprinkle with additional salt and pepper and serve with honey-mustard sauce.


If you don’t want to fry food (or just don’t want a mess) you can change the recipe by breading the chicken like you would fry it and simply placing it on a well-oiled baking sheet and drizzling it with olive oil before baking . Bake at 400 ° F for about 25 minutes.


Portion: 3Chicken Fingers | Calories: 386kcal | Carbohydrates: 7thG | Protein: 45G | Fat: 20thG | Saturated fatty acids: 3G | Trans fats: 1G | Cholesterol: 190mg | Sodium: 519mg | Potassium: 670mg | Fiber: 3G | Sugar: 1G | Vitamin A: 171IE | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 82mg | Iron: 2mg

Have you ever made a healthy version of chicken tenders? Share below!

Thank You For Reading!


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