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Making a Career from Medical Education

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You can have a career from medical education. This is because there is a demand for health worker as more hospitals are springing up and those who have been doing this for years are almost or have already reach retirement age. This means that there is a need for fresh faces to take their place.

How do you make a career out of medical education in Ghana? For doctors, once they have finished their pre-clinical studies, they can already enroll in Clinical at a Teaching Hospital. One study shows that 96% of the students that have chosen to enroll in medical school obtained their MBChB degrees.

For the next two years, they will be able to interact with patients and then learn how to treat them as House Officers. They will work together with experienced doctors and Consultants who have been doing this for years and hopefully choose what they want to do later on be it that they want to pursue a career in family practice, gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, surgery etc.

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Once they finish that, they write exams organized by the College of Physicians & Surgeons and once they pass, may now apply for residency in a hospital. Those who want to go farther can study for another two years or more to further specialize what they have learned.

With the training given, some of these professionals will open their own practice while others will work in hospitals. Their list of clients will grow if they do a good job with one patient who will then recommend them to friends and family.

For those who don’t end up becoming doctors, like nurses and technicians, they too can make a career for themselves by working for a number of years in one position and then getting promoted later on. For instance, nurses who do a job will no longer be the ones doing the rounds in the hospital but instead handling a wing and having a group of nurses under them.

This begins by enrolling in a vocational school and then finding a hospital or a clinic who will accept them. Along the way, there are advance courses which they can take which gives them the opportunity to make them learn new things and keeps them updated with the latest trends in the medical field.

For pharmacists that have capital, they no longer need to work in a drug store when they can start one on their own. This is as such retail establishments can only be owned and run by licensed pharmacists so instead of getting a fixed wage, why not work and earn the profit?

The same goes for professionals who have been working in research laboratories for so long making drugs. Given their knowledge in chemistry, perhaps they can make something better than what the pharmaceutical company they are working for is making.

Individuals who have a knack for selling stuff can make a successful career selling either medicine or medical equipment. After all, companies need such individuals to help sell what they have so these can be used by hospitals and patients.

You make your career in medical education and not the other way around because how well you perform in the future is your decision. The school you came from merely gave you the tools you need to get started. The challenge is applying what you learn.

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