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Opportunity Trifecta: Open the feedback period for ISA, SVAP and the draft of version 3 of USCDI

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In the immediate aftermath of the release of the United States Core Data for USCDI Interoperability Version 2 (USCDI v2), ONC has also opened a one-time timed feedback period for the Interoperability Standards Advisor (ISA), the Release Advancement Process. Standards (SVAP) and the United States Basic Data Draft for Interoperability Version 3 (USCDI v3). Together, ISA, SVAP, and the draft USCDI v3 enable the ONC to engage with the healthcare community to advance healthcare IT standards that support high priority target areas such as the COVID-19 public health emergency, the equity and support for underserved communities, and the priorities of interoperability standards “target areas” referred to in the 21st Century Cures Act. Some of these include quality of patient care, clinical research, privacy and security, patient safety, ease of use, and patient access to electronic medical information.

Advice on interoperability standards

Since its inception in 2015, the Interoperability Standards Advisor has grown to become an online encyclopedia of standards and implementation specifications that can be used to meet specific interoperability needs in healthcare. The ISA’s annual review and comment period is an opportunity to provide feedback, suggest revisions, and propose additions to the ISA before taking a “snapshot” and publishing the ISA 2022 Reference Edition. Are there particular standards or specifications that are they missing or need an update? Now is your chance to comment!

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Standards version advance process

The comment period for the Standards Version Advancement Process, established through the ONC’s 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule, is also open. The SVAP enables Healthcare IT developers in the ONC Healthcare IT Certification Program to voluntarily update their Certified Healthcare IT to newer versions of ONC’s regulated standards, including the most recent versions of the USCDI. Feedback received will help ONC understand which versions of standards are ready for use in the IT for Healthcare certification program. The USCDI Version 2 is now available for consideration as part of the SVAP eligible standards and implementation specifications considered for 2021. New data elements included in USCDI v2 support stakeholder feedback from interested parties that encourage ONC to promote equity in health, including data elements for sexual orientation, gender identity, and social determinants of health.

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United States Core Data Draft for Interoperability, Version 3

And finally, don’t forget that ONC is currently accepting new submissions of data elements and data classes that will be considered for inclusion in the next version of USCDI Version 3 (USCDI v3). As noted in ONC Standards Bulletin 2021-2 , ONC certification already includes certain requirements for capturing granular race and ethnicity data, and the recently released version 2 of the USCDI includes SOGI and SDOH data elements. We welcome suggestions for data elements to further address health equity, as well as recommendations to support other important goals. The USCDI ONC (ONDEC) New Data Elements and Classes Submission System (ONDEC) gives you the opportunity to submit new data items and data classes.

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Your comments are important! In order to be efficient for stakeholders, the submission of comments, the comment period for ISA and SVAP, and the submission period for USCDI v3 will run concurrently and end on Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET.

Thank you for your continued feedback and for working to improve interoperability!

Thanks To You

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