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Overcoming Hypocrisy. A Powerful Book by Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh

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This is my newly published book. Do you know that hypocrisy is a major problem in society and that we must all strive to overcome it? This book, Overcoming Hypocrisy, will help you to discover several hypocritical issues in life, including:

1. The negative effects of hypocrisy on the development of our organizations and institutions, fallacies related to hypocrisy, and how hypocrisy influences human behaviour in organisations.

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2. The impact of hypocrisy on society and the church, cultural assertions of hypocrisy and how they surface in society.

3. The mask of hypocrisy in politics and leadership, conspiracy theories in hypocrisy, and hypocrisy in blame games.

4. The biblical perspective of hypocrisy, and the impact of hypocrisy on the chemistry of human relations in the church.

5. This book provides an in-depth discussion about how we can overcome the canker of hypocrisy in society.

This book is also written in such that it can be used to train workers or students in area of character formation because hypocrisy is a very dangerous human behavior that affects organizations. It’s counterproductive and the more it festers in society, church, or an institution, the more persons within that environment encounter problems.

Get a copy for yourself and your staff members or co-workers so that together we deal with this canker.

Kindly help me to share on the various social media platforms. One goes for GHC25.

Contact me on +233 55 587 4497 . God bless you

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