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A Comprehensive Review of the Cohen Diet

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The Cohen Diet is a great option for anyone trying to lose some weight and make lifestyle changes. This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable diet programs. Like any other diet, this diet has its pros and cons that need to be explored before making a decision.

Who is Doctor Cohen?

The Cohen Diet was developed by a French nutritionist named Doctor Jean Michel Cohen. He advocates a balanced diet and daily calorie limitation as the best ways to achieve significant weight loss results. The diet was created according to these principles. According to Cohen, processed foods are the biggest culprits because they contain high amounts of sugar and processed fats. All other options are acceptable and beneficial to the human body. This philosophy gives the Cohen Diet the label of a lifestyle choice and not a restrictive eating plan.

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The variations of the Cohen diet

The Cohen Diet comes in two versions. The first gives quick results but is very restrictive. This option includes a daily calorie intake of 900 calories or less. Although it guarantees instant results, the diet can be difficult to follow as it involves drastic calorie restriction. The second version of the Cohen diet is more moderate, and the results are available within a month. This diet guarantees a weight loss of 9 to 11 pounds. In it, the calorie intake should remain under 1400 calories, which is easier to achieve and does not put as much strain on the body. Both diets must be followed by a maintenance phase. This maintenance phase could last a lifetime as long as a person is willing to transition to healthier eating options.

foods that are allowed

The Cohen Diet is far from restrictive. In fact, it comes with a great balance of nutrients and nutritional options. The diet limits only processed foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very important. These should be eaten raw. In addition, dieters are advised to avoid products high in starch. A sample menu for a Cohen diet follower will be very easy to create. A breakfast can consist of tea or coffee, a favorite cereal, and a cup of skim milk. Lunch can consist of 200 grams of chicken fillet, 200 grams of steamed vegetables and half a grapefruit for dessert. The dinner option may consist of 150 grams of lettuce, 100 grams of turkey fillet, 25 grams of cheese and 200 grams of steamed vegetables.

The pros and cons of the Cohen diet

The best thing about this diet is that people are free to choose their favorite foods as long as the calorie count stays under the given limit. This flexibility makes this diet easy to follow and even enjoyable. Once a person becomes accustomed to eating healthier foods, they become part of a better daily diet. In addition, this diet does not involve expensive supplements or strict restrictions. On the other hand, a person trying to get results from the quick version of the Cohen Diet may experience significant hunger and will likely soon become discouraged and quit.

The Cohen Diet is a wonderful diet option developed by a renowned nutritionist. This plan is easy to follow and fun. The Cohen Diet lacks the strict restrictions that other eating plans impose. It’s flexible, it’s easy, and there are no forbidden foods. What could be better than a diet that gives you so much freedom?

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