Benefits of Eating Coconut

Benefits of Eating Coconut

Although the origin of the coconut is unknown, this fruit is consumed in a variety of forms. You can eat it raw, drink its delicious water, and use its oil for cooking or cosmetic purposes. The fruit is originally found in South Asia and South America, but is now grown in almost all tropical regions of the world. Coconut is a dry, multi-layered nut with a brown husk at the outermost part, also known as a coconut. The second part is called the endocarp and contains refreshing coconut water.

A famous Hawaiian agroforestry expert says, “The amazing thing about the coconut palm is that it provides almost everything we need for life: food, drink, oil, medicine, fiber, wood, straw, mats, fuel and household appliances, as well as important environmental services like soil erosion control in coastal regions, windbreak and shading for other crops.”

Coconut fruit is referred to as Kalpa Vriksha in Sanskrit, which means “tree that gives everything necessary for life”. Many ancient communities living in tropical areas have used virgin coconut oil as an important source of health and nutrition. Many new studies reinforce this traditional belief that the coconut palm is “The Tree of Life.” This is because organic virgin coconut oil can heal several modern ailments and unhealthy eating habits.

There are many benefits of including coconut in your daily health regimen. Our body converts the lauric acid found in coconut into monolaurin, which helps fight various diseases such as herpes, cytomegalovirus, influenza and even HIV. With regular use of coconut, your body is well protected from harmful bacteria, including Listeria monocytogenes.

Cooking foods in coconut oil will help you promote healthy thyroid function. Remember that a healthy thyroid is essential if you want to keep your metabolism above normal. Regular use of coconut oil or coconut products will help you lose weight fast, increase your energy levels and also boost your metabolism.

Here are some tips for including coconut products in your diet chart:

o Try frying meat or eggs in coconut oil.

o Add coconut milk to the curry to enhance its flavor and texture

o Mix some coconut milk or oil into your milkshake

o Put some coconut milk in your yogurt or sprinkle on berries

o Add a few drops of coconut oil to your coffee or tea

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