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Dangerous Bad Habits: Ask Yourself Why You Do It.

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Some bad habits are just irritating, but others are actually dangerous. It is these dangerous bad habits that can really get you in trouble. Some people like to take risks. Others do not think about how their bad habits could affect them.

Bad habits can be nothing more than not paying attention to your physical condition. If you are taking sedating drugs, it would be a bad habit if you continually worked in this condition. If you work two jobs, it can be a dangerous habit to work when you are sleepy. You would need to find a safe way to get enough sleep to work.

Many people have bad habits around electricity. They may use frayed extension cords without thinking. This is a bad habit that can lead to electrocution or fire. Using ladders, especially metal ladders, around power lines is another bad habit that is dangerous.

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Some people have dangerous bad habits that are just unnecessary by any stretch of the imagination. People, often younger people, like to stand on moving cars and “surf.” This is reckless behavior at the least. At the most, it can be deadly.

Many bad habits have to do with driving a car. People often forget how potentially dangerous driving can be if it is not done with caution. They drive so often that they become accustomed to taking the wheel without thinking. This leads to a number of dangerous situations.

Some people have bad habits of grooming themselves when driving. Women might put on make-up while driving. They believe that they can apply mascara and watch the road at the same time. It may work out for a long time, and then eventually there comes that time when they are not concentrating on the road enough and an accident happens.

The same can happen when men shave while driving. Or, it can happen when men or women groom their hair. Other bad habits include the way people use their cell phones when they drive. Sometimes people are so keyed in on their cell phones that they do not see the car in front of them.

Driving through high flood waters can be a very bad habit. People think they can get through the water and make it to the other side. If it happens often enough, they may get braver and braver. However, if they go too far, their vehicle could be swept away. It could lead to a very dangerous situation.

Drinking and driving is the ultimate in bad habits. If you do this, you are not only putting yourself at risk. You do not even know who else you might be endangering. It could be an infant, an elderly person, or a single parent. It could be someone just like you. You could kill them or make their lives a lasting misery. This is not a bad habit that you can let stand.

If you engage in dangerous bad habits, you have to ask yourself why you do it. There must be something you can do to curb your desire to put yourself and others at risk. Find out what that is, and do it.

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