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Herbal Slimming Tea 101

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The most popular slimming teas come from the green, oolong (wu long), and black families. All three come from the same Camellia sinensis shrub. Add a few herbs extracted from various seeds, leaves, flowers, roots, etc. to these teas and you have a slimming herbal tea. Depending on the mixture, you will get a different taste and/or different slimming effects.

The trick is to experiment and choose the one that works for you. Mixing and brewing is not an exact science. What works for you or me may not work so well for another person.

Lots of conflicting advice… Where do I start?

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There are numerous claims made by various weight loss authors and tea vendors about the slimming effects of various concoctions. Of course, many of the claims are true…many are not so true. My best advice is to start with either green, oolong, or black tea… and go from there. There are numerous articles online that recommend herbs to add to your base mix to get the desired results. Just follow a systematic approach until you find the most effective blend for your needs.

Is herbal tea for weight loss expensive?

To maintain quality and keep costs down, use loose tea. Don’t buy your tea in tea bags. Many companies use the bags to cover up inferior tea. However, if you plan to experiment with your own blend, you really need to work with loose tea. Buying herbs from specialty stores can be a bit pricey, but you’ll only be using a small amount of herbs in the final blend.

Keep it simple

Be aware that it can get complicated when you start making an herbal tea without using real tea from the Camellia sinensis bush as a base. It’s also good to remember that the Chinese have a long history of growing and brewing these teas for weight loss… and getting the results they want. But many of the modern herbal supplements have not really proven themselves. In other words, keep it simple and master the basics before adding too much refinement. Go with what works today, then build on it for the future.

As we know, there are numerous articles and conflicting claims about herbal slimming teas on the internet. It can get confusing. However, once you get into it, it can be fun to do the research required to find what you’re looking for. Just don’t get discouraged by all the fantastic claims. Keep it simple and you’ll be fine.

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