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Ceres Living MLM Review – Neostem Stem Cell Research News on AIO Premium Cellular Health

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To be clear, Ceres Living is not a scam. In fact, it is a new company that is in the pre-launch phase. You’re probably wondering what makes Ceres Living such an exceptional MLM company that got me completely and emotionally sold on their AIO Premium Health supplement by my good friend and MLM coach Mike Boggs? Not only did I feel a difference in the form of tingling sensations on my face within the first 15 minutes of taking it, I also noticed that this product has been featured in the latest NeoStem news on exceptional health and wellness backed by stem cell research Statistics.

What is Ceres Living and how are they connected to the NeoStem company?

Ceres Living had formed a long-term partnership with NeoStem, the leading authority in stem cell research, leading a movement towards a network facility of adult stem cell collection centers to enable people like you and me to donate stem cells at an early age for future medical emergencies are saved. That information alone made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. That’s how excited I am for this opportunity.

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Fact: A profitable joint venture between NeoStem and Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa has already been founded

I will also reveal to you some shocking news related to Botox injections and how NeoStem offers a safer and painless alternative to eliminating wrinkles by injecting stem cells into your skin tissue cells. When I say injections, I’m not talking about the terribly scary needles.

Despite all the stem cell research debates and controversies surrounding cloning, fetal and embryonic stem cell research you’ve heard in the news, you are about to learn the truth about the remarkable science being developed by board-certified reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa, owner of the proprietary stem cell technology for which NeoStem has already filed a patent. The main component of this patent is the AC-11 DNA repair elements in the AIO Premium Cellular Health beverage.

In short, AC-11 is a scientifically remarkable water-soluble extract of an herb grown in the Amazon forests: the same forests where acai berries are largely grown. What it specifically does is repair your DNA structure at the cellular level to improve immune system function and promote the improved healthy appearance of your skin.

This is one of the most lucrative joint venture deals struck by NeoStem and MLM Ceres Living to capitalize on the first commercialization of stem cell technology. I have never seen a differentiator like this that cannot be duplicated by potential competitors, especially in this highly competitive health and wellness industry.

Ceres Living holds the marketing rights to this delicious tasting AIO stem cell health drink

It’s only a matter of time before Ceres Living officially launches. It is truly amazing that there are hardly any search engine results on the health benefits of this AIO Premium Cellular Health drink. This is possibly the best kept secret in MLM prelaunch history. Typically, most people would find out about prelaunches sooner than expected and start promoting the company. But based on the results of my current research, hardly any aggressive advertising has been done. I strongly believe that it is best to keep it that way, as stem cell research is an extremely controversial subject that requires extremely careful guidelines that retailers like me must follow in order to effectively promote Ceres Living’s health and wellness beverage , with no problems getting FTC laws.

Thanks to Billy Ying Ching

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