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Extreme Education can cause Mental Health Disorders

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Have you ever heard or encountered people who became insane because they know too much? Or are you sometimes regarded as having a mental health disorder because of your ability to be highly educated? According to certain studies, adults who have degrees which are advanced can be at risk for shattered mental health compared to those who are under the average quota. Sometimes, these people belong to the professional scene having a masters or doctor’s degree.

It was surprising to realize that participants who are regarded as highly educated expresses unsatisfactory mental health upon comparison to normalcy. Why does this happen? Perhaps work related stress can be one of the very reasons. Competition in the workplace can be very disturbing and someone has to do something about the person on the next desk who keeps on nagging you with how the interview for chief executive had been a breeze. It is often the characteristics and the poor coping mechanisms that layoff the mental hazards within the community of white collared executives.

Because highly educated individuals comprises a majority of America’s manpower, it is necessary that every company or the government to take immediate action about the mind bugging situation. Without proper thinking, work may be compromised.

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Some of the reasons that were pinpointed to the public regarding the different aspects in their working environment are:

• Perceived work and relationship problems within the work area and inside the house as well

• Events and situation which are regarded to be very stressful on the part of the person

• Ability to cope with the difficult problems and situations in their lives

• Bad habits like alcoholism or drug medications like antidepressants or anti-anxiety

• Frequency of visits to their medical practitioner

Thos who belong to a younger age are most likely to experience relapses in their mental behavior because of high level of home or work related stress, alcoholism, and usage of drugs which can result to the dependency to the substance.

Home or work related stress is referred to as those activities, responsibilities, and tasks that the individual must do in a certain time frame. At home, the parent expects a higher salary while at work; on the other hand your boss wanted you to finish the newly given report within an hour, your co-worker has no intention of helping, another project is given set to be finished before 5, an emergency meeting has just been called up to discuss something about progress report.

These, with all other little things can put on so much pressure on an individual just because he is bright. Expectations can sometimes bring a person down to his knees and beg for an easier life. Alcoholism and the use of illegal drugs won’t do any good either. These factors will just add up to the laid injury.

Confidence is something that some of the researchers has stressed. It is said that because adults is more adept in coping with a very difficult situation because of a heightened level of confidence. While younger ones are not yet at the verge of knowing the difference between right and wrong because their self-esteem is still growing some roots.

Furthermore, it is stated that compared to men, women who belong within the more advanced degrees have higher mental health edge than men.

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