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Fact File: Walnuts And Their Surprising Benefits

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Walnuts belong to a healthy family of nuts that includes cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, etc. Grown by mother nature, the brain-shaped nuts are healthy and packed with all the essential nutrients. It contains powerful and several unique antioxidants found only in rare foods. These nutrients treat the serious to mild problems affecting the general health of humans. Often the simple food is strong enough to get the best of it all at once. Despite their small size, they are loaded with amino acids that offer multiple vascular benefits.

Five Reasons to Chew Walnuts for a Surprise Good Health:

  • Anti-Cancer Properties – Walnuts help reduce the risk of prostate cancer as well as breast cancer. If you follow a constant diet with nuts as the main food, the growth of tumors will be greatly reduced. Eating two handfuls of nuts cut the incidence of breast cancer in women by half.
  • Rare Antioxidants – Antioxidants are good for the skin, body and mind and have powerful benefits. The unique and powerful antioxidants are found in only a few commonly consumed foods, and these brain-like nuts are one of them. These include the quinone juglone, the tannin tellimagrandin, and the flavonol morin. They are best at fighting free radicals and preventing chemically induced liver damage.
  • heart health – The amino acid L-arginine found in walnuts offers numerous vascular benefits to patients who have heart disease or are at risk of heart disease due to various cardiac risk factors. It also contains the plant-based omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which has anti-inflammatory properties and is best at preventing the formation of abnormal blood clots. Chewing the nuts regularly increases blood levels of heart-healthy ALA and supports good cholesterol levels.
  • weight control – Alternating the junkies with the healthy amounts of nuts like walnuts in your daily nutritional routine can help you maintain your ideal weight over time. Losing weight has never been easier and walnuts amplify the results by dabbing away those love handles. Any targeted weight loss plan needs to include the satiety factor, and walnut is undoubtedly your best bet if you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds.
  • diabetes The valuable fiber dietary fat in food improves the metabolic parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes. If such patients are overweight and ate a quarter cup of walnuts daily, a reduction in fasting insulin levels was noted, which helps fight the disease.
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