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Gardens That Need Less – A Book Review

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If you’re like me then you want to grow your own organic veggies and have your own really cool garden, but you also know that you rarely have time to make it perfect. But did you know that there are many time-saving ways to have your garden and also eat well without breaking the hours in the day – it’s true. let me explain. You see, all you need is a gardening education and some sure fire tips to make you the local gardening expert. So I would like to recommend a very good book to you:

“Easy Gardening” by Fiona Gilsenan – 1998 (A Sunset Book).

Are you interested in gardening but also recognize the need to conserve water? Perhaps you travel a lot and know that your inattention can cause all the plants to die off? Have you considered the local critters in the area that might eat up your garden or the problems with insects feeding on your plants? Well, if you’re seriously considering any of these things, then you need to get this book.

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A great feature of this book is that it breaks things down by region so no matter where you live there is advice and information for you. There are also many time saving methods outlined in the book to ensure you are spending your time wisely. The book also includes hundreds of easy-to-manage types of plants that you can plant that work well together and require very little care or water. Whether you are looking for an oriental garden, vegetable garden, ornamental garden, or a complete xeriscape, this book will be perfect for you.

Thanks to Lance Winslow

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