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4 Ways To Test For Pregnancy Online & At Home Without Test Strip

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While a scientific pregnancy test is the best way to confirm pregnancy and with advent of online pregnancy tests, there are a number of historical, non-medical home pregnancy test ways that were used before these miraculous devices were invented. Check the list below

1. Stored Urine Test

  1. Collect your urine in a bottle or vessel like you would for a normal urine test.
  2. Then leave it untouched for about 3-4 hours.
  3. If a white film forms on the surface of the urine, chances are you may be pregnant.
  4. If there is no change in the urine and it remains clear, you are not pregnant.

2. Toothpaste Test:
Since the first urine of the day holds the secret, collect it in a bottle. Take some white tooth paste and add the urine sample to it. Let it stand for a couple of hours. If it changes colour or begins to froth, you probably are pregnant.

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3. Bleach Test:

  1. Collect the first urine of the day and add some bleaching powder to it.
  2. If the urine starts fizzing and foaming, there is a good chance you may be pregnant.
  3. If you cannot get your hands on bleach, try using a concentrated soap solution.

4. Look for the Sign and Take an Online Pregnancy Test:

To take an online pregnancy test, you’ll need to answer some questions. These questions are related to signs that indicate pregnancy. To take an online pregnancy test, answer the questions below. Please note – it will take about a week for the fertilized egg to implant in the uterus after conception. Once implantation happens, you can begin to experience one or more of the signs that indicate you are pregnant. Are you experiencing any of these signs:

1. Light Spotting? Spotting can happen when implantation occurs before your next period begins. Light bleeding from implantation tends to be pinkish or brownish.

2. Urinating More Often? Frequent urination is one of the early signs of pregnancy. Many women experience more frequent urination about 7-12 days after the temperature rise at ovulation.

3. Elevated Body Temperature? A slight increase in body temperature at ovulation is normal. Your basal body temperature staying elevated after ovulation is completed and remaining elevated for the next two weeks can be one of the early signs of pregnancy.

4. Missing a Menstrual Period? A missed period is one of the obvious pregnancy signs when you take an online pregnancy test. However, you can miss periods for other reasons such as illness, stress and reactions to foods or medications.

5. Tiredness? A lack of energy as a pregnancy sign may be hard to distinguish from other kinds of exhaustion. Feeling tired is related to the change in hormones in the body, which usually disappears as the body adjusts to new hormone levels during pregnancy.

6. Feelings of Nausea? Feeling nauseated can happen any time, day or night, although ‘morning sickness’ is the name given to feeling nauseated when pregnant. Only about half of pregnant women will experience nausea.

7. Tender Nipples and Breasts? When you take an online pregnancy test, answering yes to this question can indicate pregnancy. These feelings of tenderness go away as the body becomes accustomed to new hormone levels.

8. Darker Areolas? If the area around the nipples becomes darker, this can be a pregnancy indicator. It can happen as early as one week after conception. The bumps on the areolas may also look more prominent.

If you are answering ‘Yes’ to one or more of the questions above as you take an online pregnancy test, you should confirm pregnancy by using one of the better home pregnancy tests. There are major differences in the reliability of the home tests for pregnancy. A blood pregnancy test can be accurate as early as 8 to 10 days after conception, and a urine pregnancy test can be accurate as early as 10 to 14 days following conception. If you feel you are pregnant but your pregnancy test result is negative, do the test again in a week or so and see your physician.

Becoming pregnant and enjoying a successful pregnancy is a complex but wonderful experience. Learn as much as you can about fertility, pregnancy and your health so your new baby will have the very best beginning to life that is possible.

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