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Is Cardio Good For Weight Loss?

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Many people would like to lose weight, but they do not know what to do or where to begin. Is cardio good for weight loss and should this be the way to begin an exercise program?


Cardio is really critical with regard to its benefits which can range from mood-boosting endorphins to making your heart stronger. By itself, cardio is king for burning calories, detoxification, and endorphin highs. The following paragraphs will provide you with a number of cardio options on which you can use for safe workouts.




Running is often thought of as the first and foremost cardio option. There is certainly simplicity to it since you can just put on a pair of running shoes along with the proper clothing. Depending upon the weather conditions, you are basically ready to go.


However, older and overweight individuals might have knee problems which can be exacerbated from running. Still, they can get similar exercise using machines like stair climbers, ellipticals, and treadmills.



Closely related to running is cycling. You can cover many miles with these energetic options which primarily work on the legs. Both of these exercises can be performed either outside in nature or indoors on a machine.


The risks to your health are somewhat lower with cycling provided you wear a good helmet and obey traffic rules. It only takes one accident to injure yourself permanently.


If you are really worried about your health or you just find that running and cycling are not appropriate for you at this time, nothing beats walking. As long as you walk at a brisk pace to make holding a conversation somewhat difficult, but not impossible, then you are breathing hard enough for this to be an effective cardio exercise.



Cardio exercises are generally thought of as something that is fast and makes you perspire profusely. Swimming is not likely to make you sweat since you are immersed in water and already cool. However, when you swim at the right pace, you can still give your heart a very good workout.



Hiking is not available in all areas, but if there are good trails available, you may have the option of walking, running, cycling, or even rollerblading on these trails.


Any hike that provides an occasional incline will prove to be an efficient cardio program because it is much more difficult than covering the same distance on flat ground.


Climbing a trail to discover a great view on top is a breathtaking moment in itself. It only gets better when endorphins kick in.


Get To Know Workout Machines


Check out ellipticals and stair climbers. You might feel like a hamster on a wheel because you are putting in so much effort and not going anywhere.


However, any gym will have a number of machines that can provide suitable cardio workouts.


Furthermore, you can work out indoors in a lit, dry environment when compared to exercising outdoors which might not always be an option due to inclement weather conditions.


Always Keep Watch For Boot Camp Classes


Most urban areas are going to have various boot camp programs available for all ages and all activity levels. Generally, these are high-intensity exercise sessions that last only a few hours or a few days.


However, there are usually programs available for people who are just beginning an exercise program. You probably have at least one friend that occasionally goes to these boot camp programs instead of working out regularly. Join him or her so that you can have some intermittent company in your fitness regimen.




It really does not matter what style of dancing you do as long as you are active in and increasing your heart rate. This is a great way to do something special with your significant other especially if they are interested in exercising or working out with different programs in which you are involved.


If you enjoy dancing, you could just find a studio and sign up for dance classes. Not only will you be getting some exercise, but you will also make new friends which can lead to other new activities. Besides, you will not be embarrassing yourself in front of known acquaintances.


Use Your Feet


This probably sounds too obvious and probably to the point of being ridiculous, but think about it. If you live a largely sedentary lifestyle, just being on your feet more will do wonders to get your metabolism going.


If large scale walking and running seem like too much, just get a pedometer and try to take 10,000 steps any given day. The difference this makes will shock you.


Keep A Workout Journal


Studies have shown that people who record their training sessions are more successful at reaching all of their fitness goals.



Now that you know a handful of the many cardio exercises that exist, you should have no trouble finding a particular program that is of interest to you and that you can add to your daily life.


Remember, any cardio exercise that increases your heart rate for a specified period of time is an effective cardio workout.


A great rule of thumb is having difficulty carrying a conversation while performing the exercise, but still being able to talk. Pick and choose among all of these activities to keep your exercise programs interesting and accessible depending upon the weather and season.

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