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Men’s Health Magazine – The Best Guide to a Good Life

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Perhaps the largest men’s magazine, reaching an audience of nearly 12 million, is Men’s Health magazine, which is published in up to 38 issues worldwide. This magazine is an authority on topics such as nutrition, fitness lifestyle and sexual issues affecting men. Founded in 1987, originally intended as a health magazine, the magazine quickly gained popularity and became a lifestyle magazine for men. Men’s Health magazine has been actively promoted as required reading for anyone striving to succeed by taking control of their physical and emotional selves. It’s still a hit today, giving men valuable and positive advice that can lead them to success.

Content of the magazine:

  1. It claims to give men tools to reform their existence by giving them constructive advice.
  2. Covers all aspects of men’s lives such as diet, exercise and sex, teaching them how to eat healthy, stay healthy and have good relationships.
  3. It can guide men to stick to good eating habits while providing important weight loss tips.
  4. It offers suggestions on topics such as facial or hair care, clothing and which fragrances suit men best.
  5. Gives information on various shops that sell men’s grooming products and general information related to sex or training and even culinary skills!
  6. It contains fashion tips and simple advice on how to impress girls or how to get a good body without constantly working out in the gym.
  7. The magazine also covers topics related to old age, such as how to keep fit in old age and how to take care of mental or physical problems in old age.
  8. Includes interviews with male celebrities sharing fitness and health tips, lifestyle goodies and grooming products.
  9. Contains columns written by the editor and other authors on various topics, as well as columns where you can get advice from a professional on any problem you pose.
  10. Reviews of the latest music, books and video games etc. and even travel related information.
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This magazine has been widely recognized for its contributions and has been voted the best guide for men over the years. Experts from various fields have contributed to make the magazine a source of healthy entertainment. Covering a wide range of topics ranging from sports and fitness to health and fashion, it really is a one stop shop when it comes to entertainment. To sign up, all you have to do is register on the site and submit the payment and delivery details.

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