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Relapse During Candida Diet?

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It happened to a few friends of mine while they were on a candida free diet. Some time after treatment began, a die-off reaction, also known as the Herxheimer reaction, developed. So let’s see and try to understand what went wrong.

A die-off reaction is usually caused by dead Candida yeast, the corpse of which is polluting your body. Even dead candida remains toxic to your body. Some alternative healers would say that a dead yeast is even more toxic to the body than a live one. Let’s try to understand how this can be possible. While you are suffering from a Candida infection, your body suffers from the toxins that yeast eliminates most of its life. When the parasite dies, all the poison that has accumulated in its body is immediately thrown away. If you’re following me here, you already understand that a die-off reaction is actually a good sign, a sign that your diet is working.

Herxheimer reaction symptoms are very similar to Candida symptoms and this is exactly why your symptoms appear to be getting worse. Symptoms are getting worse, that’s true, but treatment is going well. As the program comes to an end, the die-off episodes become less frequent and disappear once the candida is gone. If you notice a Herxheimer reaction, simply slow down your diet change or take a step back. A good cleansing routine would be just perfect: detox enema, various yeast-free foods, etc.

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