Rescue Remedy to the Rescue: Stress Relief for Over 70 Years – Holistic/Natural Medicine

Rescue Remedy to the Rescue: Stress Relief for Over 70 Years – Holistic/Natural Medicine

Rescue Remedy, the flagship Bach flower remedy for over 70 years. dr Edward Bach had just combined the Rescue Remedy when he had a chance to see if it passed the test. He had encountered several castaways. After administering the life-saving drug to the lips of these sailors, they all returned to a conscious state and went about their work. As this remedy blend is recommended for emergency situations, please evaluate your particular situation to see if any of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies might be a more appropriate use. The Rescue Remedy has the unique property of only counting as a flower essence and can be taken with up to 6 or 7 of the 38 Bach Flowers.

The 5 Flowers for Emotional Salvation

Rock Rose – calms pain and fear (“The Terror Flower”)

Impatiens – relaxes muscles from clenching, provides patience

Cherry Plum – restores peace of mind during Crisis (Calm)

Star of Bethlehem – Aftermath of Shock and Trauma (Relief)

Clematis – clears the mind of fainting, dizziness, coma, unconsciousness, fog (Clarity)

Dosage: 4 drops or 2 sprays on tongue while symptoms of stress or anxiety persist (can be administered up to every 5 minutes). No known side effects. Energetic/Homeopathic Medicine.

Applications: All Pain – Use above recommended dosage, plus spray directly onto pain if not an open wound. Contains alcohol and can burn an open wound. Many stories suggest consumers have sprayed near the site of the open wound with good results. (Cherry Plum, Impatiens). See recipe for Life Saving Salve below. Trauma – accidents, injuries, baby falls, shock (Star of Bethlehem). Terror, panic, accident, death of a loved one (Rock Rose). Unconsciousness – returns to the state of consciousness faster (clematis). Symptoms treated include: fainting, coma, to the point of mental fog.

Healing Ointment Recipe: The flower child base ointment (always keep it at hand):

3 ounces Beeswax, 1/2 cup Olive Oil (high quality), 2 tsp Bee Propolis, 4 drops Rescue Remedy, 2 drops Crab Apple. Combine the wax and oil mixture until smooth, then add other ingredients when cooled. Check the oil for rancidity every 6 months. When prepared with high quality olive oil. For even longer shelf life, double the bee propolis to 4 tsp.

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