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Risk of Eating Unhealthy

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As teenagers, most of us don’t even care if we’re eating right or beginning to understand the effects of bad eating habits. However, as we age, we begin to notice the effects of improper exercise, bad eating habits, and how they affect our health. Today, as baby boomers retire, health concerns and questions are on the rise. These aging baby boomers are more concerned than any previous generation about their good health, their ability to maintain their health, and how their diet affects their health.
You don’t have to be a doctor to understand the connection between overeating and health problems. You only have to look around a nation approaching an obesity epidemic to understand what happens when you overconsume in general. On a smaller scale, are we wondering about the overconsumption of just certain types of food? What happens when you overdo it in the cute department?
There are all kinds of health problems related to excess sugar consumption. Diabetes would be the number one health problem. But diabetes isn’t the only negative impact of excess sugar consumption. Obesity, thyroid dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, and gut problems can all be directly linked to consuming too much sugar.
What about too much alcohol? The devastating effects of alcoholism is a constant struggle and medical cost for many businesses and citizens in this country and indeed around the world. Lost youth, liver problems, brain deterioration, accelerating other age-related diseases are all side effects of drinking too much alcohol.
Then we can talk about the effects of not eating enough. What happens when we don’t consume what we need to maintain our health? Gum disease, heart disease, muscle wasting, vision loss, and anorexia occur when we don’t get the necessary nutrition our bodies need.
Even when we can’t eat enough real food, we can supplement the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to maintain healthy function. You only have to walk down the aisle at your local supermarket to realize that there has been a vitamin revolution. All sorts of vitamins and minerals that the body needs are available in capsule, pill, tablet or powder form.

Once your body has reached the point of unhealthy functioning, or you’ve taxed your body with overconsumption to the point where one of the associated diseases has taken hold, it’s almost impossible to fix one problem without creating another. Once you become diabetic, there are so many complications that simply going for diet and exercise is no longer an option. The health concerns you have now far outweigh the simple fix of diet and exercise. Are you beginning to realize how important maintaining your health is to your quality of life? How important is it to the quality of life of your spouse and children? Her decisions directly affect situations in her life. You should make every effort to maintain your health; don’t you owe it to your family if not to yourself?

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