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The Famous Adage "Health Is Wealth"

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Everyone knows the famous saying “health is wealth”, but few understand its complexity as perception. Health is the condition of a person’s body that it is free from injury, disease and pain. If you delve deeper into the topic, you will find that it is all about physical and mental fitness. These two concepts are highly correlated and should therefore be carefully understood if one wishes to lead a healthy life.

Physical health:

The importance of physical wellbeing varies from person to person. For some, it’s the potential to engage in a variety of activities, while for others, it’s more about looking and feeling good. Staying in good physical health is something most people want to achieve, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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Getting physically healthier doesn’t have to be unforgiving or difficult either, but you do need to take a realistic approach and step out of your comfort zone to practice healthy habits. The common trait shared by healthy and vigorous people is their passion for forming and sticking to good habits.

The first step is always the hardest! You need to be dedicated and use your willpower to overcome the initial hurdle. Things get easier when you successfully overcome the “First Step Obstacle”. Although it turns out that many fail to take the zeal to the next level even after successfully completing the first step. This is because most people expect positive results overnight.

Don’t try to become Arnold Schwarzenegger in a single day. Instead, set your goals and break them down into small steps so that you can easily achieve them every day. The initial triumph will boost your confidence, which will propel you further to achieve more. Remember that faith leads to success! Eat right, reduce stress, exercise regularly and sleep well to feel physically good and relaxed in no time.

Mental health:

Mental health is just as important as physical fitness and should not be neglected. The key to a fit, energetic, strong and in shape body is a healthy and active brain. No matter how fit and strong you are physically, if your brain isn’t working well, it’s not going to be easy. The human brain is like the fertile clay where everything is nourished. Being mentally unfit means engaging in anxiety, depression, or other mental and physical issues.

Don’t misinterpret the concept; read between the lines. Factors such as loss, change and disappointment are an integral part of everyone’s life. People who are mentally ill typically lose the ability to face the tough times, while those with healthy brains can easily face the challenges that come their way.

Unless you were born with an intellectual disability, you can keep your brain healthy and active throughout your life by doing simple things. Feed your brain right and stay physically active to be mentally fit and healthy. Experts believe that the activities that challenge the human brain normally stimulate it.

For example, you can train your mind by doing logic puzzles, studying, solving crosswords, playing challenging games like chess, and learning new languages. By continually challenging the brain, it is able to create new neural pathways. Studies have shown that new neural pathways are good for mental health.

Complete fitness:

Remember that unlike crying, the human body doesn’t actually get better over time. If you want to live a happy life, you must try to stay fit and healthy. No doubt this early obstacle will strive to push you back, but with the strong desire and determination you can ultimately achieve your goals. Keeping your body and mind fit isn’t as complicated as it sounds; Just take the first step forward; everything else will follow.

Thanks to Mazhar Andalib

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