The Unbelievable Benefits That You Get From Using Bee Pollen

The Unbelievable Benefits That You Get From Using Bee Pollen

In recent years, many people have gone to their doctor seeking medical help only to receive multiple prescriptions that have not been 100% effective in curing their illness. So what do these patients do when the drugs don’t work?

Many have turned to alternative medicine for the solution and have been completely satisfied with their choice. Thousands have discovered that bee pollen is one of nature’s greatest gifts. The benefits of using bee pollen regularly include relief from arthritis, allergies, weight loss and more.

The bee pollen solution

While bee pollen isn’t necessarily new to the market, bee pollen has been considered a miracle food and cure for centuries. Egyptian and Chinese cultures were two of the first cultures to use pollen for medicinal and energy purposes. One reason these cultures began using pollen is that at the time it was just one of their few options. There were no modern methods and people used what was available to them.

Hippocrates, the Greek physician, also learned of the powerful benefits of using pollen and used it like any medicine prescribed today. Pollen is still available, but we have many modern methods that have pushed aside the use of natural resources that are directly at our disposal. Harnessing natural resources was the first choice of many physicians more than 2,000 years ago, and today using pollen is just an afterthought.

Hippocrates wasn’t the only Greek to appreciate the use of bee pollen, but the Hellenists did as well. The Hellenists were known for their interest in sporting events and also used pollen as an aid to their performance and endurance. Pollen is known to boost metabolism, thereby increasing energy levels and stamina.

Bee pollen and scientific research

Bee pollen has never been extensively tested in the fields of science and medicine, and perhaps that’s due to the skepticism that surrounds using anything natural. The truth is, if modern medicine doesn’t always cure a disease, why not try something we haven’t tried yet? It only makes sense that when we have options, we use those options to the fullest, with the understanding that one might work better than the other.

Before we take medicines, our doctors give us instructions and our pharmacists ask us if we have any questions. So using something natural shouldn’t call for more caution than using a prescription drug, right? Any time you try something new, whether it’s an herbal or a prescription drug, you should always take a doctor’s opinion into account. There are many herbal supplements that interact with prescription drugs, so you may simply not be able to take them at the same time. Drug interactions don’t mean you can’t take an herbal supplement at all, but there are some precautions you should take, as with anything else you use. There are currently no known interactions between pollen and prescription drugs, meaning it appears safe to use with any medication you currently take.

While science says there isn’t enough research on pollen to confirm its true benefits, there are others who have different opinions on this topic of discussion. The Huntington College of Health Sciences published their findings in 2005, showing that animal studies they conducted supported the list of pollen benefits. An interesting statement made in this report was that “animal studies have shown that bee pollen is able to normalize the activity of key enzymes of the glutathione system in the liver.”

As many know, the liver is the most important organ in the body next to the heart and everything that enters the body is processed by the liver. It’s also important for everyone to understand the key role glutathione plays in helping the body’s systems function at their optimal levels. Glutathione is important for reducing inflammation and can help build the immune system and detoxify the body. So, of course, it is important to see why this conducted study raised a valuable point.

While many doctors and researchers claim there is no evidence pollen is beneficial, there are many consumers who have tried it and could tell you the opposite. There are countless diabetics who have successfully used it to balance their blood sugar and many arthritis sufferers who have used bee pollen successfully and you will find out when you try it yourself.

Why bee pollen is useful

Bee pollen has been considered beneficial simply because it is loaded with so many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. With that kind of power, you’d think it’s the most useful addition in the story. Science can show that it’s loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, B complex, copper, selenium, zinc, riboflavin, thiamin, and countless other nutrients so broad it needs books to list them all. Even though scientific studies are showing us what’s in it, and independent studies have been done to tell us it works, why are so many medical professionals opposed to it?

In summary, bee pollen is still considered one of the most powerful supplements in history, but very little scientific research has been done on pollen to make it a reliable source for physicians to use in their daily practice. There is no doubt that thousands have discovered the healing power, possibly millions. While the use of pollen in medicine is controversial, many herbalists and naturopaths still recommend it in their practices today.

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