Tisu.com.gh was a website I was so much in love with right from the word go because the concept was very unique. Unique in the sense that it was the first of its kind in Ghana. There were several prominent worldwide websites which were giving a similar service but for the Ghanaian market, this was supposed to be a game changer in this era of e-commerce. However, Tisu Ghana just died! The owners may give it a different nomenclature by way of saying it has metamorphosized into something something but in my eyes, it died… just like that. A start-up that I was looking forward to joining later to spearhead the e-commerce boom in mother Ghana. Tisu.com.gh just closed shop! Sad, isn’t it?

Why am I mourning Tisu.com.gh this day? Well, it’s a sad “distin” in Ghana that startups just die like that. Especially online startups. Let me just refresh your minds about what this website was about and why I feel it died a premature death.

Tisu Ghana was a local daily deals and discounts website for the very best that Accra had to offer. Tisu.com.gh gave users an easy & fun way to get huge discounts while discovering new places all across the city. With new deals, every 24 hours on restaurants, spas, travel, entertainment & electronics, website users could discover valuable local experiences at an unbeatable price

Tisu.com.gh understood the importance of employees and also their clientele. Tisu sales team worked hard to get for its valued customers the best deals in town. Their customer service department also addressed any concerns in a swift manner.

Ringier Ghana was the parent company of Tisu. Ringier is a Swiss multimedia organization with offices in 13 countries around the world.

On 4th April, 2016, They even launched mobile applications which were excellent in my eyes. The release as stated:

Ghana’s premiere and most secure online marketplace, Tisu.com.gh, has introduced its new mobile app.

Ringier Ghana, the operators of the online discount shop, have been leaders in the Ghanaian e-commerce scene in the last 4 years, and this new innovation is set to introduce a new hallmark. Shoppers will be able to enjoy the seamless experience they have on the Tisu Ghana website on the go with the release of the new mobile app.

In short, January 2017 Tisu was no longer selling deals and making deliveries but they were likely to feature shops, and create an e-commerce feel for retailers to set up their own shops and feature their discounts. In the official communication, this is what they said:

I don’t know if it had to do with the profitability of the venture, the sudden takeover of Tonaton.com or what but the closure really saddened me.

But alas, businesses have their reasons for folding up even though tisu deals Ghana broke my heart. I can only lament and make the noise like a dog barking up a tree. I am looking forward to a similar website that can get my attention. Goodbye Tisu.com.gh. Let me just concentrate on my health blog and write  away Ghana needs Health education



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