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Why Is Olive Oil A Healthy Food?

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Olive oil is one of the healthiest foods in the world. When starting a new healthy eating program, you should make sure to include this oil. It is the basis of the Mediterranean diet, which has the world’s longest living cultures. Many of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are attributed to olive oil consumption.

What are the health benefits?

The reason olive oil should be on your healthy foods list is because of a combination of two important health-promoting nutrients. These two nutrients are monounsaturated fats and tyrosol esters.

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First, monounsaturated fats help raise blood cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of heart disease and improves blood sugar levels, which helps manage diabetes. The other nutrient, tyrosol esters, protects against a range of health problems and infections and reduces pain, supports your vital organs and boosts your immune system.

Why should you control how much you consume?

Despite the fact that olive oil is one of the healthiest foods out there, it’s pure fat, so you need to be careful about how much you’re consuming at any one time. There are approximately 120 calories in a tablespoon, so adding just a few tablespoons to your meals can really increase the amount of calories in your foods and meals.

How can you eat the right amount of olive oil?

To add the health benefits of olive oil to your diet without overdoing it, simply drizzle a tablespoon over a salad. Or you can sprinkle meat on top before cooking to add flavor and moisture. Adding a tablespoon to a curry, casserole, or other hot dish gives you the health-boosting nutrients found in the oil without altering the flavor or texture of your dish too much.

You only have to look at the statistics behind the Mediterranean diet to see the health benefits of olive oil. If you want to eat healthy foods as part of your new eating plan, make sure this oil is one of the foods in your new, improved diet. Remember, you can’t make unhealthy foods healthier just by adding olive oil, so you still need to eat a balanced diet. That means getting the right amount of food from the key food groups, which are considered whole grains, fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy, fats, and sugars.

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