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Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage?

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The road from a proud Miss Perfect 10 in her wedding dress to a carefree fat aunt woman is not really long. The entire transformation takes only twelve months. It’s a proven fact that women gain weight after marriage, and the process happens so quickly that it becomes obvious to those around you. But trust me! They are no longer bothered like they were before marriage. In fact, you’re really content with the idea of ​​not having to get out of bed early in the morning for an exercise or sacrifice your favorite dessert to reduce calorie intake. Although your height went from 10 to 14 and then 18, after marriage you just want to let go. Still, you don’t really like the idea of ​​someone calling you Frau Fettaunte, do you?

Spread! Getting married doesn’t mean you don’t have to look attractive anymore. In fact, your looks are very important to maintain electric attraction and glue your husband to you. Do I have to justify the statement now?

Miss Perfect 10 to Frau Fette Tante

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So let’s find out the factors that change your waistline from 10 to 18 within 6 to 12 months after marriage.

o You think you’ve found a partner for life, you don’t need to attract him anymore.

o You must let your husband know that you are a good cook.

o You cook for the family and give preference to their choice.

o You eat, talk and chew as much as your partner!

o They eat the leftovers and try not to waste food.

o Your partner encourages you to eat more to show them that your extra fat won’t put them off.

o They want to be loved unconditionally, are dissatisfied with their marriage, feel disrespected, rejected and unloved.

o Pregnancy occurs

Think about it…

That secure feeling you get out of marriage plays the devil….the reason you gain weight. Since you no longer have to attract a partner, you stop worrying about yourself. When the marriage ends (God forbid!) and you’ve left your dream castle, you look in the mirror and scream, “Oh my god! What have I done to myself! I don’t know the woman in the mirror.” So you decide to shed your extra pounds, it’s time for another dating session! But why should your broken marriage be your only enthusiasm for being in shape? Be practical and don’t spoil what can be your lifelong asset, your desire to be in good shape will also give you a good, healthy lifestyle.

Cook food to make your husband happy, that’s really good! But you shouldn’t repeat the richest meals and the creamiest desserts every day if you don’t want your waistline to get bigger. And please let me tell you… You must eat according to your body requirements. Not as much as your husband eats, he has a bigger body than you, so he needs more than you. As a woman you tend to please others and your maternal instinct leads you to put the needs of others ahead of your own. Do not do it. You can set an example for them by providing good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. You will understand and support it. Again, you don’t like leftovers on plates because you’ve been taught to eat your meals. So don’t serve food when it’s not needed or you know it can be wasted.

The next reason for your increasing waistline could be that your man is encouraging you to eat more so that you will no longer look attractive and he will be less competitive. Don’t give in to his insecurities, take him with you on your weight loss program and let him understand that you want to see him in shape and in good health too.

Another reason is unhappy married life. Studies show that couples who are happy stay in shape than those who aren’t. This is because you are more likely to focus on food and find solace in eating and cooking whatever you feel like to quell your depression and frustration. Hey, for heaven’s sake, change the notion of eating more!! This leads to more depression in the long run.

And finally, when pregnancy knocks at the door, you overeat and become too inactive during pregnancy because you feel you need to eat a lot more than you actually do and you slow down and relax more than you should. And the sudden cravings for special foods during this time only multiplies the problem. Once you give birth, stay home and put the needs of your child and family ahead of your own. Keep a close eye on your weight gain during this time. If you gain more fat, you may have difficulties during the birth of your child. Do light exercise as recommended by your doctor and eat healthily but not too much.

Stay fit for a successful married life…

Life changes after marriage, you become more loved, cared for and secure than ever. The first 12 months are the formative months of your marriage. don’t let it go Staying fit gives you the confidence to lay the foundation for your marriage while also keeping you attractive to your husband. Gaining weight will only save you trouble for the future.

Thanks to Monalisa Hyden

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