Bedwetting During Intercourse?

Bedwetting During Intercourse?

Feeling like you wet the bed during or after intercourse can certainly mean a few things. It is not uncommon to lose some urine after or during intercourse, but this maybe a sign of a urinary tract infection and its important to seek professional medical care to rule out an infection.

An infection maybe more likely if you have some other symptoms including burning during urination, bad smelling urine, or feeling like you always need to go to the washroom. See your primary care doctor or gynecologist to rule out a bladder infection.

Another common cause of excessive wetness during/after intercourse may be attributed to female ejaculation(squirting); some women may ejaculate or expel a clear fluid which is distinct in composition from urine during their orgasm. It is thought to come from the paraurethral ducts and around the urethra during or before orgasm. This fluid maybe variable quantities. Female ejaculation is common, nothing to be ashamed about.

If you are suffering from the above and it’s affecting your sex life, it is important that you seek medical professional care, in person, so that you can get a comprehensive medical evaluation and assessment


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