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Cooking on the Light Side – By: Dr Thienna Ho, Ph D – Book Review

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Everyone wants to look good and feel good. Cooking on the Light Side: Smart Recipes for Bright Skin and Vitality is a revolutionary cookbook that brings health, nutrition and beauty together in one package. dr Thiênna Ho writes in a really modern style, not like The Joy of Cooking that Mama used to own. Meet the new and improved cookbook designed to meet the needs of today’s society in which we live. It’s a visual feast for all your senses. The photos are stunning, the recipes are easy to understand and the tips are really very helpful.

Learn from the world’s leading expert in nutrition and skincare. Thiênna Ho, Ph.D., created a diet plan using high-sulphur foods to promote beauty, health, and wellness. I discovered a lot of information about sulfur; It is an essential mineral that provides the body with many of the basic building blocks. She writes about all the benefits, including the “detoxifying” effect on the cells in the human body. She goes on to explain in her book that sulfur contributes to healthy skin production and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It has also been linked to possible anti-cancer effects. Because of the oxygen supply to cells and tissues that an aerobic environment creates, cancer cells cannot survive. Many other sulfur benefits are mentioned in this remarkable cookbook, and it also provides an extensive list of all sulfur-rich vegetables.

I found the recipes from Dr. Thiênna Ho deliciously tasty and satisfyingly nutritious without tasting healthy. There are so many wonderful recipes to choose from. Coconut Banana Shirataki Porridge, would make a wonderful breakfast, can’t wait to try it. Anything with coconut gets my attention, like Coconut Chicken and Bean Soup or White Bean Coconut Cake. Although coconut is not the predominant ingredient in her recipes, she is diverse in her recipe choices. There is an extensive list of healthy recipes categorized into breakfasts, salads, soups, sandwiches, dinners, stick breads, cakes, tarts and pastries. dr Thiênna Ho has also started her 30 Day Diet Plan: Experience new strength and great skin in just 30 days! Also revealed for the first time: How Bruce Lee’s diet helped him become a martial arts legend. I found the recipe index very helpful, as did the menu suggestions.

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Thiênna Ho has carefully selected ingredients for taste, nutritional value and ease of preparation, resulting in some very appealing appetizers. She gives you wonderful tips in her book, such as: B. Prefer less ripe fruit to ripe ones and choose raw or uncooked whenever possible. Be sure to avoid deep dark green leaves. dr Thiênna Ho recommends steaming as a healthy alternative to cooking, and can be a healthy substitute instead of frying, grilling, or grilling a bratwurst, for example.

My compliments go to Dr. Thiênna Ho for developing “Cooking on the Light Side: Smart Recipes for Bright Skin and Vitality” and for providing an alternative to a healthier diet, not only by using high-sulphur foods, but also by using unprocessed, pure ones Ingredients. The recipes are easy and all the ingredients can be purchased at any local grocery store if they aren’t already in your pantry. thanks dr Thiênna Ho. I am grateful for your recipe book. dr Thiênna Ho was able to break four Guinness World Records after 40. She brings her physical stamina into her diet, which has not only helped her thrive in life, but has made her a healthier, more energetic person. I encourage everyone to read this book and reap the benefits. What a delicious read!

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