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Ginger and the Candida Diet

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Ginger ale soda and ginger snap cookies are two things that probably come to mind when we think of ginger. These are extremely tasty ways to consume ginger, but they are certainly not the healthiest ways to consume it and consuming it this way can be very problematic for those of us following the Candida diet to treat candidiasis to consume. Candidiasis is a condition characterized by an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a typically benign type of yeast, in our intestinal system. The cornerstone of treating this condition is the Candida diet, which aims to eliminate foods that feed Candida albicans and allow it to continue growing and causing problems throughout the body. Ginger ale soda and ginger snap cookies both contain ingredients that can make candidiasis worse, with sugar probably being the worst culprit. While eating ginger over soda and cookies may not be the healthiest thing, fresh ginger is a great addition to any diet, but especially the candida diet. Ginger has a multitude of health benefits, and its unique sweet yet tangy flavor can help spice up many Candida diet recipes.

Ginger is extracted from the rhizome, the underground stem of the ginger plant. Ginger root, as fresh ginger is commonly called, is covered with a hard brown skin that looks like the bark of a tree. Ginger root pulp is most often yellowish in color, but different varieties can be white or even red. Ginger root is very easy to find and is available in the produce section of the supermarket all year round. Ginger is the main ingredient in many Asian dishes. Although ginger is available ground, the taste of ground ginger differs from that of fresh ginger. Additionally, ground ginger is believed to contain fewer of the active compounds responsible for ginger’s numerous health benefits.

Ginger has a multitude of health benefits, but there is one that is of particular interest to candidiasis sufferers. Candidiasis is believed to occur due to an overgrowth of yeast, which eventually weakens the immune system. Ginger’s immune-boosting effects, due to the presence of ginger roles, can help boost the immune system and make it better able to manage and correct overgrowth of yeast. In addition, ginger can also relieve many of the chronic systems that plague people with candidiasis. Ginger can provide relief from gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory conditions like arthritis, and nausea. Several research studies have also concluded that ginger protects against and may even help treat certain types of cancer.

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Although Candida dieters may not enjoy ginger in the traditional way, adding fresh ginger to your Candida diet plan can be extremely beneficial to your health in a number of ways.

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