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How To Choose The Best ClickBank Health Niche Blog Posts

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First, there are a number of areas I want to cover before we get to picking the best niche ClickBank Health blog posts.

The reason for this is that you need to understand these areas first before even touching your computer keyboard, otherwise you’re just wasting your time. Areas I will cover include:

• Why you should use a blog to promote ClickBank products
• Other methods to promote your healthcare product
• Why you should identify a niche market
• Factors to consider when choosing which healthcare product to advertise
• Top tips for choosing the health product to blog about
• How to Select the Best Niche ClickBank Health Blog Posts

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Why you should use a blog to promote ClickBank products

One of the best ways to promote your product is to create a blog or website to promote your product. Blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your affiliate link as each time you blog you are effectively creating a new website which, if done correctly, will attract people interested in your health product or service are persuaded to buy your product.

Unlike paid traffic methods that advertise on Google, blogging is practically free apart from the hosting fees, and a good blog post will bring you traffic for years to come without you barring the odd update or two much more to do on the blog.

There are many methods for setting up your blog, including WordPress and Google Blogger.

The most important thing about your blogs is that they are relevant to the health niche you are promoting and that you get seen, ie ranked on the top pages of Google.

Other ways to promote your health products

• Write a sales letter detailing the product and what it can do for the buyer.
• Create a capture page (for email).
• Create a sales page for the product.
• Create a series of emails that provide information about the niche, then promote the product to your email list.
• Find new ways to market your item. Post information about it on forums and related websites

Why you should identify a niche market

To start making money with ClickBank, you must first identify a niche market. Try to market too generically and you will basically drown among the competition.

The best example I can think of is a corner shop that sells just about anything you can think of. If the store is in a small town in the middle of nowhere, the store is fine. There will be little or no competition other than the nearest gas station, so cost won’t be a big factor. There will be no problem with everyone finding the store as it is the only one around and people will appreciate the fact that they can buy pretty much anything they need.

Now if you put the same store in the middle of a huge city and what will happen? Well first of all there will be nearby huge stores like Costco, Walgreens, Target etc which will outbid and out price all our corner store offerings as there is huge competition now and even the convenience factor doesn’t help There will almost certainly be a 7-11 around.

You will also not be able to find the store in a directory as there will be thousands of stores selling the same so our Mon and Pops store is now outperformed, overpriced and out of sight.

The only way a business like this can survive is by specializing – the narrower the specialization the better and working towards being the best business available in that niche.

Let’s say they specialized in samurai swords, there would probably be little competition and in a city of over a million people there will always be enough people interested in samurai swords to keep the shop running.

When these people search a business directory for “Samarai Sword Specialists” chances are that there is little or no competition for our corner shop, so the shops that are out there go straight to our store will go.

Now there are billions of customers on the internet, so the need to go into a niche is even greater. They’re not Amazon or eBay so don’t try to compete with them, rather specialize – the more niches the better.

The healthcare niche is a great specialization as there is a lot of interest and money in this area, but you need to specialize further within that niche and your blog posts need to reflect that specialization.

Factors to consider when choosing which healthcare product to advertise

Choose a product with a High Gravity Rating

The ClickBank Gravity Score is based on the number of different affiliates who made a sale during the week. A high Gravity rating means that many affiliates are making sales, and in general it means that the product is hot and has a good chance of being profitable for you.

Choose a product with a high selling price

Quite simply, the higher the selling price, the more money you will make. Provided the gravity is good, it is better to sell higher priced items.

Choose products that pay high commissions

Choose products that pay at least 60% commission. It’s not worth promoting a product unless your commission is at least 60% for lower ticket prices of around $30-$70. If you follow this rule, you’ll earn at least $18 per sale. There are dozens of products in ClickBank that pay out 60% or more – the very best often pay out 75%. Only accept less than 60% commission when sale price is over $70 and gravity is good.

The only exception is items with recurring billing. These are subscription-based ClickBank products that often allow you to continue earning a commission every time the customer pays for their subscription. In this case, you can lower your commission to 40%.

Check out the sales page

A lower gravity product is not necessarily unprofitable and new products in particular can certainly be very profitable and of course there will be less competition as fewer people will be selling the same product. Ways to find newer products that may sell well include clicking through to the sales page and looking for long sales text as it converts much better than short copies.

You can then compare the copy with competing products. Does it convince? If competitors have better-looking and better-sounding sales copy, the product probably won’t sell well. If you find a new expensive product that has a detailed and well-written sales page that is equal or superior to comparable products that have sold well in the past, and offers an excellent commission percentage, it may well be a great product to sell.

Search your product on the internet

Search the web for the primary search term for your product in the form of many PPC ads.

You can take this as a sign that there is money to be made in the market. A highly profitable product should show dozens of PPC ads, which is a sign of a healthy market.

On the other hand, if a search only turns up a handful of ads and only one of those appears to be an affiliate. This suggests that the market is either undiscovered or unprofitable – and it’s likely the latter!

Top tips for choosing the health product to blog about

Promote quality health products that you would personally enjoy and buy. If you personally like the products, you will find it easier to sell them. You will also share a similar understanding and passion for other potential clients. It adds to your credibility.

Check out the tools and tips that product owners offer on the affiliate description of their program website. Many offer helpful advice on how best to promote their product, as well as banners and marketing materials for you to use.

Test the affiliate links (hoplinks) regularly to make sure they are still working properly. If something is wrong, you don’t make money.

Check your competition. Are there other partners already promoting these products? How do you do that?

Read their sales copy and ask yourself if they are compelling, true, and believable. Copy what you think works and leave out what doesn’t.

How to choose the best niche ClickBank health blog posts

OK, so I’m now going to go through the process of choosing one of the best possible ClickBank health niche blog posts based on the information given so far.

So let’s choose a good product first; I will choose one that cures hemorrhoids.

OK not a very sexy product but great gravity and commission and the fact that it pays out up to $417.85 per sign up is very sexy!

Now you need to find a list of keywords that are the best words to bring people to the site.

In my opinion, you absolutely need to use a keyword tool for the next step in the process to work. I’m using Jaaxy, but you can choose any of the available tools.

Let’s take what should be a great keyword which is “cure hemorrhoids”.

Jaaxy shows us the average amount of traffic each word receives per month, the number of visits you can expect to receive on your website each month, assuming you get a page 1 ranking on Google, the number of competing websites for your Keyword and one keyword Score 100, which shows how good the keyword is.

“Cure Hemorrhoids” only has an average score, mainly due to the fact that there is so much competition for that word and you would be better off writing a blog post titled “Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally” as it has a lot less competition and although the page views are lower, you are much more likely to reach them with that keyword.

So for this ClickBank Niche I blog post, I would suggest a title like “How to Find a Cure for Hemorrhoids Naturally,” and then either research the article yourself or pay someone $5 on Fiverr to write it.

So, not only have we found a ClickBank product that works well in our niche, but we have also found an article with high-scoring keywords that has a high probability of ranking on page 1 of Google and a total of around 72 targeted visitors to yours blog each month will be more likely to click on your affiliate link and buy your product.

All you have to do now is replicate this in your own healthcare niche and crush it on ClickBank!

Thanks to Davin Kemp

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