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Water is very good for us, but it can only be as good as the quality of the water you are drinking. Sometimes the quality of the tap water is not great. There can be all kinds of sediment and chemicals in the water, but it can also taste horrible.

If you are having difficulty drinking water, you might consider a pitcher of filtered water to help you. Check out these tips for choosing the best water jug.

What does it filter?

Water is meant to be healthy for you but you also want to check the quality of your water to make sure you are not drinking water that is not really good for you. This is where a jug of filtered water comes in.

These launchers are generally designed to filter very specific things, so always make sure to check what the launcher filters. A good sign to watch out for is if the pitcher’s company is part of the Water Quality Association, but it is sometimes necessary to look further.

Look for filter jugs that help remove or reduce elements like heavy metals, contaminants, and other contaminants.

The filter itself

Always look at the filter and become familiar with what it does and how long it lasts too. You can Take a look at this list of the best water filter jugs. for some great launcher ideas that really try to have the best filters.

Look for NSF / ANSI standards and certification. If you can find a standard 53 in this rating, that’s one of the best! We also recommend looking for a jug with a filter that will last at least 60 days but some last up to 6 months.

Jug size

You will need to pay attention to the size of the launcher. They come in a wide variety of sizes, from small options to extra-large options and everything in between. Obviously, the bigger they are, the less you have to fill them. However, when they are large they also take up more space.

How much room do you have for a pitcher and how big do you want your pitcher to be? There is nothing right or wrong here, only what works for you.

Cleaning and filter changes

Your pitcher will need to be cleaned and washed from time to time. While you may not have to wash it for every refill, you should plan for regular washes. Most producers recommend washing them about once a week to avoid bacteria, algae, and other debris.

You also want to know how often you need to change your filter and how challenging that task will be. Always check if you will be able to get replacement filters easily, but also how difficult that filter will be to change.

What you will find is that some companies are constantly updating their filters. While that’s great as it usually means improvement, sometimes it also means that a replacement filter can be hard to come by.

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