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List of Herbs and Seasonings for Oven Roasted Vegetables

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Grilled or oven roasted vegetables are easy to prepare and make for a good, healthy meal. Roasting vegetables is a quick and easy way to add variety to a meal, whether it’s in the oven, on the stovetop, or on the grill.

Many of the vegetables are simply delicious without any spices. This is especially true for those of us who enjoy the taste of raw or steamed vegetables. Slow roasting vegetables adds a different texture and boosts flavor, especially with milder foods like cauliflower or some squash.

Salt and pepper can be added to any vegetable to enhance flavor. However, with many low-sodium diets, we have to find other ways to improve taste. A great way to add flavor without sacrificing nutritional value is to add herbs while the veggies are cooking.

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Here are some herbs and spices that I’ve found to be good additions to roasted vegetables.

1. Garlic – A common herb that complements many vegetables when used in moderation. A light pinch of garlic goes particularly well with grilled zucchini or other squash.

2. Basil – an aromatic green leaf member of the mint family. Basil is a very good addition to any dish with tomatoes and goes well with roasted tomatoes.

3. Celery Seed – ground or whole, has a strong celery flavor. Too much can create a “hot” spice effect. Celery seeds are good on their own or in combination with other herbs.

4. Marjoram – grey-green herb from the mint family, tastes similar to oregano but milder. While we enjoy oregano in foods like spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna, it can prove too potent for vegetables. Marjoram gives a similar flavor without being too strong.

5. Parsley – delicate sweet taste. Chopped fresh parsley livens up a plate of roasted vegetables. Adding parsley to the vegetables during cooking brings out the flavor of this herb. Save a few sprigs of fresh parsley to decorate the plate.

6. Rosemary – very aromatic leaf reminiscent of pine needles, strong taste. Rosemary has a very strong, distinct flavor; You will want to use it sparingly at first.

7. Chili Powder – Chili powder is a blend of cumin, chili pepper, oregano, and allspice. You may be surprised to see this on a list of spices for vegetables. If your family likes the spicier foods, consider sprinkling a little chilli powder on your veggies just before serving.

A word of caution: use herbs and spices sparingly to let the true flavor of the veggies shine through. As you cook more with herbs, you’ll discover what flavors your family likes and learn to use them more or less accordingly.

Grilled and roasted vegetables are easy to prepare, nutritious and make a fantastic change from an otherwise boring meal. I hope you will join me in trying new ways to cook favorite foods and use herbs and spices.

Thanks to Susie K. Adams

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