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Misconceptions About Alternative Medicine

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Medical marijuana, or MMJ, has been used for decades to help people suffering from serious medical conditions including glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy, AIDS, and MS (multiple sclerosis), among others. As one of the most effective tools in helping people manage chronic pain, medical marijuana offers patients relief from extreme ailments by alleviating their symptoms.

It’s important to understand the science behind marijuana’s effectiveness in order to dispel these myths and make an informed decision about what it really offers. When administered under the supervision of a qualified and competent physician or naturopath, medical marijuana reduces the pain and nausea that causes various health problems. Many people believe that medical marijuana is extremely addictive and increases dependency on the drug.

Research shows that there is no evidence to support this assumption because, to begin with, medical cannabis does not even contain chemicals that could cause addiction in people who use it as part of their treatment process. Then there are other misconceptions that MMJ could also lead to the use of hard drugs like cocaine and like the former, this too is just a misconception. While medical marijuana can be smoked, that’s not the only way it can be used.

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From prescription drugs and pills containing synthetic forms of medical marijuana to other alternative treatments, cannabinoids like THC can be delivered to the body without smoking MMJ. The flowers and leaves can be steeped in an alcohol mixture to extract the cannabinoids in marijuana. This infusion can either be added to drinks and food or ingested via skin patches and in this form; MMJ only takes half an hour to achieve the desired effect. The active ingredients can also be transferred to cooking oil and butter by simmering the plant in them for several hours. This is typically used to bake cookies and brownies, or to prepare any other type of food that a patient might find appetizing.

Although there are tests showing that medicinal cannabis can cause short-term memory loss in some patients undergoing treatment, the truth is that the effects are temporary. Medical marijuana does not decrease their intelligence or affect their long-term memory. Although medicinal cannabis is an all-natural substance derived from plants, misconceptions about it are quite controversial and unfounded.

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