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Piles Treatment and Symptoms

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Many people wonder what piles are. Let me tell you, piles are just like hemorrhoids; both of which are inflamed veins in the anal or rectum. There are a variety of reasons why hemorrhoids swell in the anal canal. Some of the reasons are stress, overexertion, pregnancy, cancer, smoking and chronic alcohol consumption. These reasons cause the hemorrhoid to swell and bleed. Hemorrhoids are always tender, painful, and bloody. Most often they are the size of a penny and look like a grape due to their similar size and shape.

Causes and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are mainly caused by constipation. This is the #1 cause today. However, any systematic disorder can, and most often will, cause it. Some of the systematic diseases are cirrhosis, prostate enlargement, pregnancy and chronic cough. Some people won’t even realize they have hemorrhoids until they experience bleeding and extreme pain in the rectum. This usually only happens when an infection sets in. No one should ignore bleeding from the rectum area. The first sign of colon cancer is usually bleeding. For this reason, it is always important that you get checked out whenever you see bleeding, as this can be a life-threatening problem. Sometimes there can also be mucus secretion in the blood from the hemorrhoids. The mucus always causes the extreme itching that comes with hemorrhoids.

Options available for Piles treatment

There are usually two treatment options for hemorrhoids; one is self help or home remedies and then of course professional medical help. A combination of medical and behavioral treatments form your basic self-help options. Some of the most common forms of self-help are:
– Eating high-fiber foods is a wonderful affective way to prevent hemorrhoids from forming. Some of these high-fiber foods include whole grain breads, brown rice, pasta, fruits, and leafy greens.
– If you want temporary relief, you can use ointments or creams. They will help with the pain and discomfort but will not eliminate the problem.
– Another good form of treatment for hemorrhoids is to use a squat toilet instead of a regular one.

If these home medical treatment options don’t work and you need professional medical attention, the following hemorrhoid treatment options are available to you:

– A banding process is an option. This is when a rubber band is placed around the pile to cut off the blood supply, causing the pile to shrink and eventually fall off.
– Another form of hemorrhoid treatment is called sclerotherapy. This is an outpatient procedure in which hardeners are injected into the hemorrhoids.
– The most common treatment option is a hemorrhoidectomy. This is a surgical procedure for advanced extreme cases of hemorrhoids, in which they are surgically removed.

All of these hemorrhoid treatment options are professional and mostly used when all else fails. Most of these are painful procedures, but they help treat the problem. So, if you’ve tried everything else and nothing works, then you might want to see a doctor right away for professional help with your hemorrhoid treatment options.

Thanks to Heather-Jane Hunter

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