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Hemorrhoids – Piles of Miles – A Truck Drivers Nightmare

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Hemorrhoids used to be associated with truck drivers, but they’re not the only problems truck drivers have. When you’re responsible for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in freight these days plus the staggering cost of a good team, it’s no wonder that truck drivers not only get hemorrhoids, but are also susceptible to a variety of stress-related illnesses caused.

A million dollar rig these days might have all the modern conveniences, dormitories, entertainment systems, etc., but the pressure of having to get somewhere on time despite the weather and road conditions and avoiding all those crazy drivers out there is the first thing What can fall by the wayside is a healthy diet.

Truck stops are notorious for serving greasy, unhealthy food and strong coffee, both of which are major causes of hemorrhoids. The greasy food not only contributes to heartburn, but adds extra pounds of fat after just a few weeks. Drinking coffee and sodas instead of drinking water regularly also contributes to extra weight, dehydration and constipation are two major causes of hemorrhoids.

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If you’re doing or thinking about becoming a truck driver, you should seriously consider your health before you embark on the long journey. Never take sodas, chips and other unhealthy snacks with you and take plenty of water with you. Try to stay well hydrated and don’t try to drive another two hundred miles before you pee. It’s hard to say, but you’ll avoid heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids, and possible kidney stones if you plan what you’ll eat alongside your route. It’s crazy to shorten your life and risk your health. You are a street warrior and the best warriors were smart – not fat and sick!

If enough truck drivers ask for salads and healthy foods at greasy rest stops, owners will eventually pay attention – after all, why would you want to kill your customers?

If you’re a truck driver and already have them, there’s probably no point in telling you the symptoms of hemorrhoids – you know it all too well!

But how can you relieve yourself on the go?

Ditch the super sip coffee or soda and replace it with water, that’s the first thing to do.

· Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily

· Do not strain yourself to have a bowel movement

· Use special wipes to stop and soothe irritation

· Take a bath with warm water for 10 to 20 minutes and then take a shower

· Sit on an ice pack while driving, it will at least relieve the itching

· Use a natural skin cream at night and after wiping with a damp wet wipe

· Do NOT use a stool softener, NOT a laxative or anything that contains mineral oils

· Walk at a truck stop, get your circulation going with stretching and exercise

· Choose high-fiber, low-fat, healthy foods at truck stops and try to eat regularly

The other problem is lifting. Many drivers have to help unload their own cargo, and heavy lifting can also cause hemorrhoids, so use caution.

The best way to get rid of hemorrhoids is to get rid of the unhealthy side of your business, eat right, and stay hydrated.

Thanks to Alameda K. Hartfeldt

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