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5 Type of People to Avoid if You Want to Be Successful

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Unfortunately, I’ve encountered them all. Thankfully, they moved on to bless someone else.

1. Crooks. Never do business with crooks because sooner or later they’ll get you. Yet, people often do business with shady people because they think they’re getting a deal. And then find out their not the one getting the deal. Avoid them. You’ll be glad.

2. Abusers. If someone abuses you once tell them to hit the road not you. Yet, people stay in relationships with abusers. And keep taking back them back when they promise they’ve changed only to get abused again. One and done. You’ll be glad.

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3. Pessimists. Life is tough enough without looking for the rainstorm behind every silver lining. Yet, people fill their lives with those who do that and can’t understand why they’re unhappy. Fill your life with positive people. You’ll be glad.

4. Doubters. To be successful you need to believe you’ll be successful and avoid those who tell you otherwise. Yet, people fill their lives with those who tell them they’ll fail and then they can’t understand why they do. Fill your life with those who believe in you. You’ll be glad.

5. Drainers. Some people will only suck you dry. Yet, people stay in relationships with those who constantly do that. And then wonder why they’re always drained. Fill your life with those who fill you and avoid those who don’t. You’ll be glad.

Some may say, “But they need help.” And it’s true they do need help. So let them pay a therapist who has no personal relationship with them.

Because if you drown trying to save someone who’s drowning it won’t help either one of you.

Someone has said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them.” And I would add, “And if it’s negative avoid them.”

The world is filled with positive people who will help you have a positive life. So fill your life with them. Enjoy your happiness and success. Then become that person for others. You’ll be glad.

You can be successful but only as you fill your life with people who help you to be greater.

By Dough Armey

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