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Courtney Schumacher – I died Fully but Alive now! Part 3

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Continuing our series. This stories is very chilling. Shared by Courtney Schumacher…

“Yes, I died after a car crash, but not until I got to the hospital. I doubt EMTs could have helped, but maybe SOME know enough. About the death, I can only tell you stories, because though I was there, wasn’t there.

I had a neurologist cutting, and he said I flat-lined for more than a minute, which is their normal limit (or WAS, at the time: this was many years ago) before they declared death. Maybe this guy just wanted to get paid more, or didn’t want a red mark on his record, so he kept working. He brought me back into a coma.

After I’d been in the coma for a month, he asked my mother (who’d been there every day and gotten close to all staff members) if she wanted to “pull the plug”, but she said, “No, she always oversleeps.”

The surgeons were shocked that I not only came out, but suffer no residual effects. Of course I couldn’t speak at first, which didn’t surprise them, but I spoke the second day. They wanted to check my memory, so asked mom to ask me something simple, like that name of a pet or something, so she asked me my SS#. I recited it, and they had to check their records to see if I’d gotten it. I had.

BEING dead, you can’t sense anything. And DYING doesn’t let you sense anything, either. If someone says they’d “felt” or “heard” things, then they were just having a NDE and weren’t dead. An NDE experience is like a dream.” Thanks to Courtney Schumacher

What do you think about this. It’s quite chilling and I feel shivers running down my spine. All the same, it’s an interesting read and I totally enjoyed it.

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