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Prof T C Ankrah of KNUST Medical School Has Passed

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Whenever a great person succumbs to the icy hands of death, its a very devastating affair and Prof T C Ankrah passing is no different.

Prof T C Ankrah was a great teacher who nurtured thousands of Ghanaian doctors during their school days. He was known by many as “Father Christmas “ Because he always made teaching simple and when you get him as an examiner, hallelujah… because failing will not be your portion. He will make sure you pass and that alone gives medical students some confidence whenever they are to meet him.

So i was sad and down hearted when i saw this message in my whatsapp group this morning

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‭With the hope of resurrection, Prof T. C Ankrah has been called to Glory. 😭😭😭
He was a great teacher.
He has paid his due and served his generation.
May he rest in peace

indeed he will be missed and words cant express the heaviness of heart this death will bring to the medical fraternity.

May he rest well in the saviours bossom. Prof T C Ankrah

T C Ankrah Book

His book is of great help to a lot of medical students and residents

T C Ankrah
Prof T C Ankrah

Some Tributes to Prof T C Ankrah

Posted by Kwame Amponsa-Achiano on July 31, 2020
Prof was our teacher par excellence! However, the Class of 1999, which I belong to, considered Prof more of a father than just a teacher of Undergraduate/Postgraduate Medical Students.
We sat in the same class as his favourite daughter, Becky. With Becky in our fold, we felt so special!
Prof treated us exceptionally well and made sure we had the discipline we needed as Medical students/doctors. He gave us all the ‘tools’ of the trade.
In this somber moment, our hearts go out to Rebecca and rest of the family.Prof TC, father, teacher, mentor, you contributed immensely to who we are today! REST, rest well!!
We’ll forever miss you!!
Posted by Joshua Arthur on July 29, 2020
‘You can’t joke a joker’. When a colleague of mine in medical school tried to be smart about answering a question posed by Prof during a teaching session, this statement by Prof Ankrah drew guffaws from the whole class. It has remained a popular saying amongst us up to now, so many years after school.
Prof T.C. Ankrah is fondly remembered by both medical students, residents and all who have had the pleasure of working with him, as a gentleman and a teacher with great humor.
As a teacher, Prof Ankrah always found a way to simplify concepts and his extensive experience as a clinician made it easy to explain the underlying principle for every clinical maneuver he taught. Many wonder if he ever failed a student or was ever unkind at an exam- such kindness and reassuring presence!
His seminal textbook on clinical examination was a favourite, both for local medical students and foreign students. An exchange student from the US fell in love with his book and still treasures the old copy i gifted him years ago.
May your gentle and kind soul rest in perfect peace, Prof TC! Amen!
This tribute was added by Collins Kokuro on July 29, 2020
Professor T. C. Ankrah, my teacher, father and mentor.
There is not a single soul in the Medical fraternity in Ghana that will.not know this great man. He was to humanity and he served soo soo well.
His teaching skills were par excellence.
Even in his old age, he contributed still to teaching and always coming over to examine students. He would participate fully in WACP activities and no wonder he was honoured in 2019 at the AGSM in Kumasi for his dedicated service to training of postgraduates and undergraduates medical trainees in Ghana and West Africa.
He will forever be in our hearts.
Professor T. C. Ankrah, the world will remember you forever. May your soul continue to rest well in the Lord’s blossom.
This tribute was added by Harriet Morgan on July 29, 2020
When the time came for us as medical students to help him edit his timeless book, we were all so excited. After-all who wouldn’t like to work with such a power-house, a doyen of clinical skills and methods? He was indeed a great teacher and our medical careers have been greatly shaped by him. Prof, continue to rest in peace and we will work hard to carry on your legacy.
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