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RBC Life – A Review You Must Read Before Joining

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RBC Life is a health and wellness MLM company founded in 1991. It is based in Dallas, TX. It was officially known as Royal Body Care and Life Sciences but they changed the name to the shorter RBC Life for their MLM opportunity. Clinton Howard founded the company and they are currently a public company and at the time of this writing their shares are selling for less than fifty cents.

RBC Life offers five different types of products including Energy and Fitness and Anti-Aging. The newest product in their product line is NeuroBright. It’s based on the broad spectrum antioxidant Microhydrin and combined with eight other antioxidants in a blend they call Microhydrin Plus. The effectiveness of this product has been debated by various scientists, but the evidence seems to indicate that the ingredients are beneficial and help prevent mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

There are numerous ways to make money with the RBC Life Compensation Plan. The most popular package is the Business Builder package, which costs $485 and includes $450 in personal products. The upfront elements are a $75 direct bonus for signing up new distributors and a power bonus of up to $25 going 8 levels deep. As for the residual income, it is a binary compensation system with some additional bonuses and an added bonus pool.

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All in all, RBC looks like a completely legit network marketing company. While there are many MLM health and wellness companies, this industry is valued at nearly $1 trillion. Marketing training seems to be the weakest part of RBC as they don’t seem to teach the latest strategies for building a network marketing opportunity. They seem to be preaching the tired old ways of calling friends and family and holding home meetings, which may work well for some, but the vast majority of people will need to know cutting-edge marketing strategies.

The easiest way for a beginner to see success at RBC Life is to use the power of the internet to generate new leads every day. With old-school network marketing tactics, it’s very difficult to have enough people to talk to. Old-school network marketing techniques are no longer practical for most people. With the right education and systems, RBC Life would be a great company to build a thriving organization.

Thanks to Christopher Arlen Crawford

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