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Substances Involved With Dual Diagnosis

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Substances used for medication or misused for addiction can have different effects on the person who is receiving the drug. This fact can be noted as something which can further enhance the person’s vulnerability to the substance. Although, the effects may differ and reactions may vary from one person to another. All of these will depend on the quantity and quality of the substance that were introduced to the individual. The person’s gender, mood, expectations, age, weight and physical state of mental health can also affect the drugs viability. Thus, dual diagnosis is probable.

Elicit drugs that were brought up in the streets are always mixed with different kinds of substances in order to maximize the profit that are generated. The result is, potency and appearance of drugs can vary not unless the drug was for sample testing, no one will recognize what was used.

Depressant Drugs

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Depressants are usually referred to as the drug that can bring a person’s behavior in a down side. When downers are used in an excessive way, it can cause the mimicking of depression. This drug will cause the loss of interest in the person’s surroundings and lack of motivation can be manifested that’ll result to elf-neglect and even harming oneself one of which is suicide.

Overdosing on depressant drugs is easy most especially if alcohol is involved. Whenever there is great or regular use of depressant drugs, the person must not instantly stop because this may result to withdrawal that may cause problems as serious as cramps, tremors, stomach pains, diaphoresis or sweating excessively, deliriums can also occur and even seizures.

Examples of depressant substances are:

1. Alcohol – when the components of alcohol runs through the bloodstream, effects will depend on the dose of alcohol the person made. Delay absorption of important nutrients taken from food may occur. Alcohol usage is common among those who are already experiencing mental illnesses.

2. Cannabis – also known to the public as dope, grass, weed, blow, etc., cannabis can have effects that results to hallucinations and can have the possibility to stimulate although, it is still regarded as a depressant. When in the influence of cannabis, a person may feel lethargic, paranoid, and occurrences of short-term memory loss.

Stimulant Drugs

If there are drugs that can lower down the mood and relax an individual, there are also drugs which can regulate stimulation inside the body and make a person more active which are known as stimulants. Stimulants are drugs that have the capability to constrict a person’s blood vessels, raise pressure of the blood and speed heart rate. If exposed too long with stimulant drugs, a person may experience depletion of energy and may result to craving. Stimulants have the characteristic to mimic paranoia, mania, depression or even psychosis.

Examples of stimulants are:

1. Cocaine – may cause exhaustion and anxiety, irritability, longer hours of sleep, and paranoia. There is a sudden rise in the pressure of blood but with a slow beating of the heart. People use cocaine to increase confidence to face the outside world. But the effect is only for a short period of time that is why people crave for more. Cocaine is highly addictive and can cause multiple damages to the person using it.

2. Anabolic steroids – these are drugs that are similar to a person’s natural hormones which promote the building up of proteins that results to increase in muscle size.

Recognition of these drugs to be able to identify dual diagnosis is proper.

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