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Does the Father’s Diet Affect Or Influence Your Baby’s Gender?

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I sometimes have people contact me and ask what the father-to-be should eat when the couple is trying to conceive a girl or a boy. Examples include things like, “What should my husband eat or include in his diet if we are trying to conceive a girl?” Or, “We want a boy, baby. What types of foods should the man avoid so that we do not get pregnant with a girl baby?” I will try to answer these types of questions in the following article.

A man trying to conceive should eat a balanced and healthy diet: It is well known that men trying to conceive should avoid tight underwear, hot tubs and saunas, and drugs. The reason is that all of these things affect the health and volume of the man’s sperm. This goes with a healthy diet. A man should eat a balanced and healthy diet to ensure healthy sperm. However, its diet does not affect the sex of the baby (or whether you have a boy or a girl) in the same way as the diet of the woman or the mother-to-be.

The diet of the husband or father is important. But it doesn’t affect whether you have a boy or a girl like the mother’s diet does: It is well known that the diet of the mother-to-be can influence the sex of her baby. Women who eat acidic diets increase their chances of conceiving a girl, while women who eat more alkaline diets increase their chances of conceiving a boy.

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The reason for this is that this change in diet also changes or influences the vaginal environment and the PH value of the woman. When this environment is alkaline, it is friendlier to the Y, or the boy who produces sperm. When acidic, it’s very harsh on the same Y sperm, but friendly on the Xs (or the ones producing girl babies).

So it makes sense to wonder if the same things are true when the father’s or husband’s diet is acidic or alkaline. The most compelling question would probably be one like: If a man consumes acidic foods, does that mean he has more Xs or girls producing sperm? And if he eats an alkaline diet, does that give the boy’s sperm an edge or advantage?

There is no evidence of this. In fact, there were studies to see if men who helped conceive more of one sex than another contained more of one type of sperm chromosome. In other words, males who all had boys were tested to see if they had more Y sperm chromosomes. And men who fathered girls were screened to see if their semen contained higher X counts. The studies showed that this was not the case. In fact, most men had roughly equal numbers of X’s and Y’s everywhere.

Focusing on the mother’s diet, its timing and sexual positioning: There is no question that you can and should control what you can when it comes to feeding the father. Healthy foods can contribute to healthy sperm. But in terms of choosing an acidic or alkaline diet, this is best done with the expectant wife or mother. These changes can affect whether the couple conceive a boy or a girl.

Another thing to consider is when the same conception occurs. Conception that occurs before the woman ovulates is a timing that makes a girl more likely. Conception after ovulation favors a boy. The sexual positions you use can also make a difference. But when you’re dealing with two healthy parents, and combining all three methods (feeding, timing, and positioning), you’re giving yourself the best chance at influencing your baby’s gender as a couple.

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